There seems to be a recurrent and even redundant theme this year; its about death and rebirth. Endings and new beginnings! On Wednesday, November 11th this week (11:11), we have a new moon in Scorpio. I don’t know if you’ve ever been stung by a Scorpion but I have! Intense pain for fifteen hours followed by limping around for days afterward. Quite a new experience for a Midwesterner.

According to Elephant Journal, Scorpio often gets a “bad rap”, but is actually a water sign whose power could be compared to the ocean_ a power to be feared or respected. “It depends who you ask, and if you know how to swim.” The complexity of Scorpio can be seen in the three symbols used to represent it: the Scorpion, the Eagle, and the Phoenix, with themes of shedding, solitude, power, passion, death and, yes, transformation. Jupiter will be sextile to the Moon and Sun at this time, a sweet and lovely aspect helping us to see the abundance and good fortune around us, which is especially helpful as this new moon also trines the asteroid Chiron, giving us access to some knowing around a major area of life where we are knotted or bearing a wound.

The new moon is associated with beginnings, yes, but sometimes we start something new only to come face-to-face with a necessary ending or closure. This new moon may reveal some subtle discomforts, and the best thing we can do is become curious observers and allow the insights to come.This moon offers opportunity for healing.
Elephant Journal

Life has been intense lately for most of us; it is part of collective growth with many facets to be examined, transformed and integrated. It can be difficult to be optimistic when we are in Scorpio, because it brings up such deep memories, feelings, and shadow aspects. But as Elephant Journal said above, the symbol for Scorpio is not only the Scorpion but the Eagle and the Phoenix Rising! That means that once we surrender to whatever is here and transform it, then we can rise from the ashes and fly! May we all be blessed with deep and graceful healing this season! Blessings~ Mary