April Full Moon Newsletter 2016

Each and every one of us, no matter who, what or where, has within our grasp the power to break free from the past, step into the present and reshape the burgeoning future. It will take courage and may stretch us in ways we’ve not been stretched before. But together we can do it step by step and piece by piece, calling upon the power of love as a rectifying not an acquiescent force, and the power of resolve to fuel the engines of conscious evolutionary change.

Have you felt a shift in energy the last few days? The planet Mars turned retrograde on the 17th, and we have a full moon in Scorpio tomorrow on April 21st. I love this image for Scorpio by Laura Laisley, the Scorpion_ something we see often here in the Southwest. A symbol of power, passion, death and rebirth, exposure of something that is hidden or in shadow and also something to be wary of. They only sting defensively but their sting can be very painful and poisonous!

I can’t help but notice the connection in the last few months between astrological transits and our spiritual growth and integration. There has been much talk about alignment of personal will with Divine Will, the deepest longing of the Soul_ both concepts that are addressed in the Brennan model of healing work. How do you align your personal will with Divine will? What’s the difference between what you think you want and what you know you want? And how do you connect with the deepest longing of your soul?

I learned these methods many years ago when I l studied with the Brennan school and then expanded upon them through personal growth. When you bring the non-dual into these alignments, they become even more powerful. Transcend and Include, as Ken Wilber coined the phrase. When you go beyond a level of consciousness, the previous level is contained within it at the same time.

I have recorded 2 healing meditations for you to experience alignment with Divine Will and your soul’s deepest longing, which I have posted on my website. It is through experiencing these things that you will come to understand them. Be sure to listen to them when you have time to rest awhile afterward and not while you are driving. **To be posted soon!
~ Blessings, Mary

According to Mystic Mamma,

MARS went Retrograde on April 17th initiating a different pace. If you’ve been feeling suddenly exhausted these past few days, then you’ve been feeling the shift. Like Mercury Retrograde (which is coming April 28th), Mars retrograde insists that we slow down rather than push ahead. It heralds a period of inward turning and reflection that will shine light on how we handle conflict. Thus it will be our great teacher as we all learn to practice and embody the extremely necessary virtues of patience and compassion.

And Divine Harmony explains:

when planets are retrograde they are more inward, reflective, introspective and spiritual. yet the shadow side is they are also limited, restricted and frustrated- sometimes in excessive, depressing or irritating ways. the new moon in aries wanted to DO SOMETHING NOW! yet mars retrograde reminds us we cannot do anything new until we have dealt with the old and the past. the full moon in scorpio is bringing light to all the shadow dynamics that lie underneath the surface- the very things we don’t want to look at or have been avoiding dealing with are likely to come to Light right now.

the rulers of the full moon are actually mars AND pluto. pluto is the contemporary ruler of scorpio and mars is the ancient ruler- so both of these bodies are important when we are looking at the full moon energies. mars is the lower, egoic will while pluto is the Higher Will. ultimately our growth and evolution depends on our ability to surrender the former so that we can align with the latter (or another way to look at it is having the former be in service to the latter). our lower will thinks it knows what it wants and needs- but our Higher Will actually does know and can see the entire picture. there are times when what is actually for our best growth and evolution is not what our ego wants and maybe even what our ego fears- but until we move through that fear and rise above it we will stay stuck in the lower self, resist the growth experiences we need and stay stuck in our evolution.

in fact the full moon is at the midpoint of saturn and the north node- which is pretty potent on many levels. saturn speaks to our path of growth and mastery but he also speaks to karma and where we stay stuck out of fear or addiction to our limitations. the north node speaks to where our evolution and growth is, but it is not the easy growth by any means. the north node path is where we are pushed out of the nest and we have to figure out how to fly falling down. both saturn and the north node push us beyond our edge- and it’s not the comfy, cozy familiar space we are used to.

many of us spend a good deal of our present lifetime resisting our saturn/north node growth- and yet it’s only when we get aligned with it that we will start to evolve into new directions, dimensions and frequencies. ~

And from Cathy Pagano at Wisdom of Astrology
The power of this Full Moon is about the power of life and death. We can’t have one without the other, as much as our Western society can’t seem to accept. As we embrace the death of patriarchy and our consumer-driven society and create new ways of living in collaboration with Mother Earth, we will once again strike the right balance, aligning with the flow of Earth’s energies as they cycle around the year in our eternal becoming.

As we work within the chaos and confusion of our changing world, we can take a stand and face the death of our culture as it transitions into a new age. Whatever our gifts and talents, it is up to us to help the old ways die so others can see the path into the future.

Yet, while we acknowledge that Death is a necessary part of life, the Taurus Sun says it’s time to concentrate on Life. At this Full Moon, let the depth of Scorpio’s vision align with Taurus’ ‘bull’s eye’ that is the enlightened 3rd Eye to envision the form we want to manifest this year for ourselves and for our world. Make it Big, make it Beautiful, make it Wondrous! Let’s all be Big Dreamers!

We are building a new life. And what new life we build depends on our beliefs. We are still dancing with three planets involved in changing our beliefs now. Neptune sends out waves of images, dissolving old beliefs, freeing up old forms. Jupiter wants us to integrate those new images into a coherent vision of ourselves and our purpose, while Saturn challenges us to make sure they are grounded in the Truth of Life. We are changing our belief system from a Newtonian world-view to one based on the Quantum Field—moving from cause and effect to synchronicity.

When we live in a story believing in only cause and effect we stay lost in the patriarchal mindset. When we transition into a belief in the Quantum Field, than we begin our story with the vast fields of possibilities. We imagine and then create with our intention. We take Aries fire and turn it into a field of dreams!