Change is the Meaning of this New Moon!

What a time; what a time! It seems like every month this year is turning out to have powerful energy shifts with a potential for growth and transformation if we utilize them. This new moon tomorrow in Gemini is powerful because it forms a mutable Grand Cross with Venus, Jupiter, Saturn Neptune and the nodes. What does that mean?

According to Divine Harmony, Grand Crosses bring 4 different areas of life into conflict or tension with a need for resolution that is hard to come by. So wherever the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces fall in your chart will be the areas of crisis and opportunity for you.

Mutable signs are the last signs of the season and they represent transitionary energy from one season to the next. Gemini is the last part of spring, Virgo is the last part of summer, Sadge is the last part of fall and Pisces is the last part of winter. the last part of the season is kind of like the dark of the moon- a time of release and letting go as well as a time of CHANGE.

this mutable Grand Cross new moon has change written all over it- changes of direction, changes of heart, changes of mind and changes of circumstances. It’s not a typical new moon as usually new moons are powerful times to plant seeds and set intentions_ but this new moon square jupiter, opposite saturn, square neptune and square the nodes is actually about discerning Truth in one’s life and making necessary decisions that have to do with endings/letting go/releasing of the past before the new can truly take hold. ~

Our left and right brains experience time differently. Our rational, left brain deals with the everyday straightforward time. Our imaginative right brain deals with quantum time or timelessness. We need to develop our whole brain to really get it. We are living in a time of Revolution and Evolution, a mythic time. We call these years Mythic Times, because these are the years that will make all the difference for the future.

With this New Moon, the heavens are telling us to change our Mind, open up to new perspectives. It’s time to learn the most balanced way to integrate and use our whole brain.   Wisdom of Astrology.

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with the sun/moon/venus alignment square neptune there’s an idealistic, fantasy based energy playing out where we may be seeking that which does not exist! yet this can also unearth tendencies towards denial, delusion, deception (of self, of others or by others) as well as codependency, enabling, addiction, playing the victim or martyr and otherwise choosing to check out.
the saturn/neptune square is potent- with the first square last year around thanksgiving and the next two this year on june 17th and september 10th. the fantasies and dreams of neptune get faced with reality when saturn faces off with him- and this can necessarily pop bubbles and bring up deep feelings of disillusionment, despair, disappointment and more.

yet it can be easy to stay in the victim stance and feel like things are being done to you- but if you use saturn’s energy wisely you can start to look at your piece in the puzzle and see where the situations you find yourself in are actually of your own making (on some level conscious or Unconscious). the best use of saturn square neptune energy is finding ways to bridge reality and dreams- yet it will only occur if we show up to do the inner and outer work AND if we are willing and able to take the rose colored glasses off so we can see ourselves and others clearly as we are_ and not as we could be or as we wish we/they would be.

the quagmires we find ourselves in right now are the perfect alignment of inner and outer circumstances that are bringing us to the pivotal moment of choice and change. we can keep on doing what we have always done and keep on getting what we have always got OR we can change. –

jupiter and the north node help us to humble ourselves, see the work that needs to be done on ourselves or in situations in our outer lives and then get busy doing it! luckily jupiter and the north node are in beautiful aspect to pluto- anchoring the potential for profound transformation and evolution this month. if you show up with integrity, humility and a commitment to well being and service- the Universe will guide you through doors you never imagined would open in your life ~ Divine Unity

Seeing reality for what it is_not the way we wish it was or want it to be. And being willing to change. That is the task! ~ Blessings, Mary