This is the Epilogue to my book published in 2010_Kicking and Screaming to Enlightenment, a Journey to the Real Self.

2011 and 2012 have come and gone without the dramatic lift in consciousness we anticipated in the outer world. Or does it just look different than we thought it would? On the inner planes, we did indeed achieve the changes needed to move us forward into a new paradigm. In 2013, many experienced a kind of disorientation and lack of direction as a recalibration seemed to occur. And now in 2014, we have reached the beginning of a new paradigm. As such, a new level of perception is developing as our consciousness evolves. In the outer world, things look worse than ever as the old order struggles to stay in control. But we truly are moving forward as we learn to adjust to the new energies and build new structures both within ourselves and in our culture. There is a shift in the level of compassion that many are experiencing and expressing for the many people who are suffering. Attitudes are changing towards many social issues such as immigration and same sex marriage that just a few years ago were different. Many are experiencing a shift in their work and their living situations. A change in their life task is occurring and as such, old form is breaking down, as new form is being created just as I described in this book. Utilize the tools I describe here and keep the faith_ the new paradigm just looks different than we thought it would because we were trying to understand it from the perspective of the old paradigm. It takes time for changes on the inner planes to materialize on the outer level. Death and re-birth happen in a continuum. The saga continues.