Final Uranus/Pluto Square Today!

I sent out my newsletter today March 16th, the final Uranus/Pluto square astrologically. Here’s another astrologer’s perspective  and summary of this transit during last three years; it’s really wonderful!  Mystic Mamma 

Sometimes when transits go on over a period of years as this one has, we loose track of what it has all been about or how we are to participate personally while it is going on. Because we are a part of the whole, how we have used this time personally for transformation affects the outcome of what was to be accomplished at the collective level.

Divine Harmony has done a wonderful job of describing the journey we have been on for almost 3 years_the 7 Uranus-Pluto squares_ reminding us of what they mean. Only in this seventh square are both planets moving direct. In every other square, one of the planets was retrograde. That means we can move forward now unencumbered! Here are some highlights but take the time to read the entire article.~ Mary

Divine Harmony