Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde Begin This Week-End_Use Your Energy Tools!

Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde Begin This Week-End_Use Your Energy Tools!

I am not an astrologer and yet for years I have been guided to pay attention to the New and Full moons each month and what they mean to our evolutionary process. These are openings in time, which if we utilize them, can advance our personal and collective growth. This month Divine Harmony reminds us that if we use this Mercury Retrograde, which begins on Saturday and the Full Moon energies on Sunday for our personal growth, that we can complete a cycle and move to the new one in a new place. But if we don’t, we take the old patterns with us into the new cycle and will repeat them again. We can do this by surrendering to our feelings and whatever comes up and transforming and integrating that shadow energy. Let’s utilize this opening in time to transform our old patterns and evolve into a new pattern free of the past and rebirthing a new aspect of ourselves ! ~ Blessings, Mary

The last Full Moon of 2017 is going out with a bang! The Full Moon at 11’40 Gemini is exact on Sunday December 3rd 2017 at 7:47am- bringing into the full Light of consciousness information, communication, ideas and thinking that needs to be seen for what it is. This Full Moon is a DOOZY! Add to this the fact that the ruler of the Full Moon is Mercury who just went retrograde the night before the Full Moon (exact at 11:34pm PST) – and into the Underworld we go! ~ Divine Harmony

From Divine Harmony on Mercury Retrograde that begins on Saturday.
We are heading into the last mercury retrograde of the year and this one is very potent. It is in Sagittarius which is the sign of Truth. With Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius, it’s a time to question what we think we know and dig deeper to get to the Truth. Rather than go up and out- the call is to go down and in. Luckily Jupiter- the ruler of Sagittarius- is in Scorpio the sign of the depths and abyss. So we are totally supported in going down and in right now- via therapy, shadow work, shamanic journeys, studies of the ancient mysteries, emotional work, intimacy and more.

Mercury Retrograde is a time to rethink, review and revise the past. on a mundane level. It’s a time to go back over the past to resolve it and/or get all the information in so you can make decisions and move forward. It’s not a time to start new things- but it can be good timing to review/redo things from the past (i.e. don’t start a new business during mercury retrograde but it can be great for re-doing/restructuring the business you already have).

And on the Full Moon
“The last Full Moon of 2017 is going out with a bang! The Full Moon at 11’40 Gemini is exact on Sunday December 3rd, 2017 at 7:47am- bringing into the full Light of consciousness information, communication, ideas and thinking that needs to be seen for what it is. With Jupiter in Scorpio right now we have the planet of expansion going into the depths and shadows. Gemini and Scorpio are about as opposite as two signs could get. Gemini is about the surface, Scorpio is about the depths- Gemini like lightness, Scorpio likes intensity. Gemini lives in the head, Scorpio lives in the bowels and the sacral chakra. There is much shadow coming to Light all over the world right now- with a huge focus on the men in power who have abused their power in regards to their treatment of women.

This full moon is a DOOZY! With sun/moon opposition in the signs of lower mind and Higher Mind, small picture and Big Picture, information and Truth- this Full Moon seeks to bring to Light what is not being looked at. Yet both are almost precisely square to Neptune (within 10 minutes of exactness)- so it’s very hard to discern the Truth from lies, fantasy from fact, fiction from reality. It’s easy to see what we want to see, hear what we want to hear, spin things or be a deer in the headlights. It’s so important right now karmically to be honest, direct and clear- with ourselves and with others. We also need to be willing to see where we have deluded ourselves, been escaping reality and not taking responsibility for our lives.”

“Add to this the fact that the ruler of the Full Moon is Mercury who just went retrograde the night before the full moon (exact at 11:34pm PST) – and into the Underworld we go! On Monday November 27th Mercury aligned with Saturn and on December 6th they will align again- so we essentially we have a 10 day mercury/saturn conjunction occurring as Mercury heads down into the Underworld. This is serious, intense, karmic and focused. Mercury in Sadge likes to see the positive side of things, the potential, the glass as half full! But Saturn in Sadge is demanding we own up to reality and see what IS not just what could be/should be/might be/used to be.

What is in the past is in the past- why dig it up? The problem is that when you have toxic, stagnant, stuck energy buried in the past- it keeps coming up in Unconscious ways that are destructive. Until we go back into the past, dig up what we have buried, made amends for what was done- we are not really living in the present but we are a product of our unresolved past.” ~ Divine Harmony

IN ADDITION, Mercury triggers the Saturn/Chiron Square and the Saturn/Uranus trine 3 times during his retrograde journey (from front end shadow to back end shadow). I have been calling Saturn Square Chiron the ‘core wound territory transit’- as it has faced us with our deepest stuff personally and collectively. Those places where we think we are in the right, where we are in denial or escaping responsibility and accountability, or where we play victim or martyr in our lives- seeing the pattern repeat but keeping on blaming others for the cycle we are caught in-those have been up in our faces big time both personally and collectively. Saturn/Chiron has been shining a Light on these patterns so we can change them. Yet we could not do this work this year coming simply from the head. Chiron in Pisces reminds us we have to FEEL what we want to heal. Getting into old wounds and pain that run us Unconsciously is not fun but it is necessary for true healing to happen.

Saturn trine Uranus I called the ‘organized revolution transit’- as Saturn is the organizing principle and Uranus is about revolution and rebellion. This has been great for getting clear on the change that needs to happen and getting to DOING IT. Saturn is past and Uranus is future and when we can stand on the bridge between them _fully aware of the past that has brought us to today and the past that will inform our future if we do not make conscious change-_ then we are truly empowered to change things. This has required accountability, responsibility and integrity. This is not about going up and out- it’s about going down and in. Change at the root- personally, collectively, politically, spiritually and systemically- is required.

“There’s a completion possible now. Death to the old so that new life may birth is necessary- personally, collectively, galactically. “When it’s over, it’s ready to begin. When everything falls apart, the deeper pattern can come together. As we lose what we thought we had, we gain access to the missing place.” stay committed to Truth at any cost- and the missing place/piece will revel itself to you!” ~Divine Harmony


Sometimes we forget to use the power we have to influence outcomes in the world by using our energy healing skills when we get caught up in the collective drama. But those skills are still available to us_ both prayer and “holding space” for a positive outcome. Both use energy but in a different way.

What’s the difference between prayer and “holding space?” Prayer, is petitionary. We ask God, the Universe or particular spiritual energies to help a person or deliver a particular outcome in a particular situation (aka like the tax bill), although our teachers remind us to let go of a particular outcome but to pray for the highest good of all concerned. We definitely send energy when we do this. Another method to use our energy skills is “holding space”. When we do this, we hold a person in a “bubble” of spiritual energy that they can use or not use; this respects a person’s free will and takes our ego desire out the equation. We may not know what is best for a person or a situation even if we think we do. But by “holding space'” we offer a gift of light and connection to a person that they may not be able to reach by themselves in that moment without forcing our will upon them. They get to choose!

We can also “send energy” to a person or situation which may be appropriate in certain situations like emergencies or catastrophes but we need to be sure we’re working from our connection to spiritual guidance and not ego here because we may not see a situation clearly from our egos and may try to achieve something that is not for the highest good.

I’m thinking of these things a lot lately as we watch atrocities occurring in government and the world in general. We do not need to stand by feeling helpless. We have energy tools that can make a difference; we just to remember to use them!