Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius/Leo_ Birthing a New Consciousness!

Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius/Leo_ Birthing a New Consciousness!
The Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius/Leo occurs on Friday, July 27 at 1:20pm PDT/ 4:20pm EDT/ 9:20pm GMT. The eclipse will be seen in most of Asia, the Middle East Africa and Europe, but not in the western hemisphere. It is the longest eclipse of the 21st century lasting almost 4 hours.
I can feel this eclipse coming, can you? Whenever there is a big shift like this is likely to be, with 3 eclipses in one month, we have to stay focused and aligned with our intention to do whatever work is asked of us both personally and collectively. Because we are part of this whole, there is a pulsation between each one of  us and the collective consciousness. The work that we do individually as we are impacted by the eclipse will imprint and will change the collective consciousness. This is our task. Emotions may be strong but there is so much more. Take time to align your Hara and connect with nature for grounding. Read what these astrologers say and see what resonates.  Change is afoot! ~ Blessings, Mary
Rebekah Shaman
“This Aquarius full moon has the potential to effect change on all levels – and on a mass scale. It is helping to tear down the old ways of thinking and ignite new ideas and innovative creations and technology. It also dissolves the veil of ignorance so we can start seeing beyond what is being fed to us by the media and controlled TV, and accept the truth our hearts are telling us.This moon shows us how we can start serving for the ‘good of the whole,’ rather than for personal gain. This theme keeps re-appearing and for good reason: now more than ever, we need to recognize that the power is really within us, and take personal responsibility for our part in what is happening in the world.”From Cathy  Pagano at Wisdom of Astrology
“Eclipses are magical moments where something slips through an energy portal to both destroy and create. It’s a path opener. Eclipses are known to bring things to a head; something is released, especially at a total lunar eclipse. It’s time to bring things sleeping into the light.

This Full Moon in Aquarius and Leo was seeded by the big Momma Cancer Solar Eclipse on July 12-13, and some of us are ready to give birth (we’ll see this happening more and more next year when the nodes move into Cancer/Capricorn). Stepping away from collective expectations and finding new solutions to our old problems is part of that birth…it feels like things are getting more intense, very much like the stage in labor called transition – the contractions keep coming without stop. It’s an intense time, but it presages birth. Just as it is a dying time, it is also a birthing time.
It’s during this most intense stage of labor that mothers have to try to stay focused on our task – to birth new life.The pain may be intense, but it has a purpose – new life. So during this powerful Blood Full Moon lunar eclipse, when the light of the Moon is veiled, we have to stay focused, to see and understand what lives deep within us, those parts of ourselves we’ve locked away from our awareness that need to be seen and acknowledged. These parts might be gifts we developed in other lifetimes, old behavior patterns shaped by beliefs that no longer serve us, or lies we’ve told ourselves about who and what we are.
This lunar eclipse is the longest in the 1 hour and 43 minutes. This means its influence will continue to affect us for years to come. And just as the Cancer Solar Eclipse pulled in the transformative power of Pluto in Capricorn, this Aquarius Lunar Eclipse draws in the awakening power of Uranus in Taurus. When outer planets are involved in an eclipse pattern, it signals a change in the collective energies as well as in our personal energies.
With 6 of our 10 planets in fixed signs during this eclipse, there are possibilities of big personal breakthroughs on issues that have been stuck for a while. If you have natal planets in the early degrees of fixed signs, you’ll be most affected.

So, stop hitting the snooze button and wake up!  Change could happen quickly now. Don’t be afraid to step into the unknown. “

And from Divine Harmony
“This eclipse activates the Leo/Aquarius Axis- where the nodes of the moon have been for almost a year and a half. The North Node is in Leo- which speaks to where our evolution and growth is, while the South Node is in Aquarius- which speaks to our karmic tendencies and things we need to deal with or address. This Lunar Eclipse is a South Node eclipse- so it is major activating the karmic patterns and tendencies we have personally and collectively. All signs have their Light and shadow sides but the shadow of Aquarius can be up big time right now.
“It is a good thing to check in to see where we are acting out of this shadow and/or not owning some aspect of this shadow within ourselves. The shadow of Aquarius expresses when we are emotionally cold and distant, missing empathy, coming from the head and disconnected from the heart, we have no compassion, we are overly addicted to the mind/technology and cannot unplug, when we neglect our bodies and well being and treat our body not as a temple but as a machine, when we are ungrounded, chaotic and not reliable, when we get bored easily and need lots of things, food, substances, people or experiences to stimulate us, when we are non-committal as a means to avoid responsibility, avoid deep intimacy and deep vulnerability, and when we are mentally unstable. An honest self check in to see where we can do any of the above can be useful at the time of this eclipse.Of course one of the biggest aspects this eclipse makes is a conjunct to retrograde mars on the karmic South Node- which is a doozy of an aspect. if you have not seen my mars retrograde video blog please check it out on my website (under cosmic insight and then video blog). Mars retrograde is a time when our will, anger, drive and ego are being reigned in. This is NOT a time to act/react/start new things. it’s a time to deal with the past and cultivate the capacity to pause, breathe, count to 10 and respond rather than react. Because this is Mars we are talking about doing all of the above is not easy. When you add the karmic south node in the difficulty is amplified tenfold!”