Full Moon in Capricorn_ Stand in Your Spiritual Power!

Full Moon in Capricorn_ Stand in Your Spiritual Power!
Art by Josephine Wall

This has to be a test, right? We have come back around circle to what those who were there describe the way the world looked before Hitler acted out his atrocities and was allowed to do so, murdering millions of people. Many have wondered how so many could have cooperated with this insanity? We have the opportunity to look at it up close now. How can some people go along with what seems clear to many others? Have we learned our lessons at the collective level? Will we make different choices this time? Or will history repeat itself?

We are living in a time of great potential, a time when we can raise our consciousness and that of the entire world. The negative side of duality doesn’t want that; it has a different agenda. It comes from a place of narcissism, of selfishness and of greed. It is the collective form of our lower selves, of ignorance, those parts of ourselves that we have contracted to transform in this lifetime. It is attempting to take over and it is out of control. So, Light Workers and Spiritual Warriors, we have a job to do! It’s about standing in Truth and saying no to the forces of evil_ not by engaging or fighting with it, but by standing in compassion and love for what it is and has become while we take action to prevent it from harming us or destroying the momentum of raising the collective consciousness that we are here to do.

There seems to be confusion about this. Taking action is not the same as “fighting”; fighting is engaging in a power struggle. It is foolhardy to engage with ignorance or insanity; that just feeds it and gives it more power. Taking action for something you believe in is different than taking action against something, It’s not about political parties; that’s the division these forces would like us to buy into. It’s more like saying no to a toddler, a child not mature enough to know better, or a person who is mentally ill  who would harm you unless you stop them. Knowing that, we stop them firmly but compassionately, recognizing their immaturity, their degree of disfunction and ignorance from a place of Love.  Some have coined it the fight between good and evil. I think it’s more accurate to call it a struggle between Higher Wisdom and ignorance.

It can be difficult not to be triggered by recent events but many are taking constructive action contributing money to re-connect immigrant children with their parents, working to elect new representatives in the Congress and Senate, supporting the ACLU in their efforts to stop illegal behavior and more. In addition to these here and now actions, we can also work spiritually to affect change. I think of it every time I receive an email asking for money to support a particular cause or candidate. Sure, some money may be needed to achieve certain goals but its not all about money. It’s about lifting our consciousness and using our spiritual tools to hold the Light for people, for the planet or for a particular outcome in an election.  The Light is here; it is showing up atrocities and what is going on in the world. But we can also ground it by “holding  a space” not only for those being victimized but for those doing the victimizing.

So let’s get to work Light Workers! It’s not time to get caught up in the chaos or to feel frightened or apathetic. It’s time to take action_ with spiritual tools as well as concrete action in the world. It’s our task; we can do it! ~ Blessings, Mary


And from Michael Lennox on the Full Moon 

“The stillness into which this Full Moon will be streaming is still quite palpable. Mars, Neptune and Jupiter are all standing still because they each have either just gone retrograde or about to turn direct. Even Pluto is retrograde. Inside of this quietude, along comes a huge wave of energy that is undeniable. It has been an intense few weeks, partly because of this strange, unrelenting stillness… I trust you are doing your best to be in the sensation of the energy without getting too caught up in the drama it may be creating.

Full Moons are always about integration of what we have recently learned or even discovering in the moment. The arbiter of our unconscious mind is at her fullest expression, rich and ripe with the wisdom that is hidden in the unconscious realms, but made available to us as we pay more and more attention to how the entire system works.
If there is any message to be gotten at a deeper level right now, it is about how we are choosing to see others, and by extension, the Planetary Being as a whole. Are you still seeing some individuals on the planet as somehow less deserving of your Love? If you cannot yet see your political or ideological opponent through the eyes of Divine Love, then the answer is no. Until more people on the planet can do this, we will continue to suffer through this massive illusion of duality that we are in the grip of. Saturn in Capricorn wants us to understand this at a profound level, and then put it into practice everywhere we go.

Capricorn energy is about steadfast focus, discipline, and the drive to climb to a higher vantage point. The more evolved interpretation of this mansion is all about conscious vantage point. Yes, the goat must climb to the top of the mountain, but the reasons he does so can now be understood as a compelling need to rise up to a higher level of functioning, and to cultivate a consciousness of understanding that can only come when wisdom has been integrated into how you see your life.

In the evolution of the Zodiac, Capricorn comes right before Aquarius, which is the mansion where the community, or global consciousness was invented. It is in Capricorn that we rise to a high enough level of our spiritual development in order for the community to appear. It is through Saturn that we learn that until we recognize the divinity in all Beings, we cannot truly know our own divinity. In this day and age of taking sides and operating through polarization, we need this higher vantage point, or we will not survive as a species. …This is how we bring about world peace. And we do it in very mundane ways, each and every day, by healing the war of separation inside of us.”