Full Moon in Gemini-Sagitarrius December 13, 2016

Full Moon in Gemini-Sagitarrius December 13, 2016

The Gemini-Sagittarius Full Moon occurs on Tuesday, December 13, 2016 at 4:05pm PST/ 7:05pm EST and on Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at 12:05am GMT. A Full Moon asks us to bring together complimentary ideas: Sagittarius wants us to see the Truth of the matter while Gemini wants to communicate the information that can help us see more clearly what our truth is. Wiisdom of Astrology

We don’t know the outcome of these times but we do know that if we have a voice, we can make a difference. It’s easy to get caught up in the fear being promoted on the planet, but this is not a time to be passive or intimidated by those who are trying to have power over us but to stand in our own power! There are laws being broken; we and our legislative bodies need to stand up for them. Sometimes we forget the power of prayer and that the use of intention, and alignment with higher consciousness energy on the inner planes of reality can make a difference not only within ourselves but within the collective consciousness. We need to hold the light on the planet for higher good while the “ collective shadow” is acting out rather than feeling helpless or apathetic.

I’ve been quoting Cathy Pagano quite a lot lately because I really resonate with her and her wisdom.As she points out below, there is some hope that the Electoral College will see throughgh the charade that is going on and realize the power that they have to make different choices based on the Constitution and the the information that they are being given about their responsibility as electors. Here’s an idea! Let’s all light a candle that we leave burning in the next week for the Electoral College! Lighting candles can hold the energy of intention while we go about our daily lives. May they receive whatever information they need to discern the election results wisely and the courage to take right action!
~ Blessings, Mary
From Cathy Pagano at Wisdom of Astrology
A Full Moon makes us aware of what we’ve been unconscious of. So step back and take a look at your core beliefs then look at what you’re thinking. What ideas and information and knowledge no longer fit the truth? Are these beliefs the result of old psychological wounds (Chiron in Pisces challenging this Full Moon)? How have we been distracting ourselves with information overload when the truth can be found in our hearts? What thoughts, words and information need to be refined and which need to be let go of?

Saturn joins the Sun during this Full Moon, helping us set up filters for discerning what information is true and what is false. Saturn wants us to take responsibility for our beliefs and because Saturn symbolizes authority, we need to understand that the word authority confronts us with the question, ‘who is the author of my story’. The word author means ‘one who makes or creates’. We can give away our authority and let someone else write our story or we can take back control and become the authors of our own lives.

The ruler of the Gemini Moon is Mercury, which is connecting with Pluto in Capricorn just as it’s slowing down to turn retrograde on Monday December 19, 2016—the day of the Electoral College vote. Pluto deepens the Mind (Mercury) and strips it of everything that is non-essential. This should be interesting. Will enough electors desert Trump to make the election invalid? Will the vote be challenged and changed? We have all experienced how Mercury retrograde can put a stop to our plans. Mercury is also square Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. Curiouser and curiouser.

Interesting fact: Donald Trump was born on a lunar eclipse—his Sun is at 23* Gemini and his Moon is at 23* Sagittarius. This Full Moon’s Sagittarius Sun sits on his Moon and the Gemini Moon sits on his Sun. It will affect him in ways we cannot foresee. Will he be willing to look in these cosmic mirrors? Will he finally see himself clearly? Will he continue his delusions and his cons? Will he decide reality TV is all he can handle? Stay tuned!

And More:
That old Pluto/Uranus square that rocked our world from 2012-2015 is again being resonated now and next year by Jupiter’s journey through Libra, mirroring the effects of its transit through Cancer in 2013-14.
(Theseenergies are especially affecting the United States because of our 4th of July Cancer birthchart, with Jupiter as our ruling planet.) Originating in the 60s, this Pluto/Uranus first quarter square brought together a clash of the titans.

Look at the economic chaos that’s taken place here in America and around the world since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008. Pluto rules all those things that need to accept death. (Accept is the right word – patriarchy refuses to accept its death and instead creates death all over the world.) Pluto is the ruler of the underworld, that part of human experience which we tend to ignore, repress and fear. Since patriarchy hasn’t accepted its death yet—in fact, it came back stronger than ever during the US elections—it gets to exhibit, in front of the whole world, those shadow values and qualities that have taken root in this social paradigm: domination, greed, competition, misogyny, cruelty, death, hypocrisy and terror. Patriarchy’s shadow thrives on terror. It appears we’ve voted for a close encounter with the zombie apocalypse ‘coming soon to a neighborhood near you’.

What does the future demand of us? What parts of this collective mindset no longer serve the goals of humanity and freedom? What parts do we need to preserve and expand on? We keep harvesting the gifts and treasures of Mother Earth without a thought of what future generations might need? How can we stop the train wreck of continual progress and find new ways to create a better life?

To do this, the patriarchal mindset has to crumble. Once it does, it can be replaced by a partnership model of culture that values feelings as well as thinking, intuition as well as sensation, women as well as men, the Earth and all of nature as well as humans. It’s up to each of us to go out and make the new story happen. ~ Cathy Pagano at Wisdom of Astrology