Full Moon in Libra_Karmic Healing

Full Moon in Libra_Karmic Healing

There’s a very special Full Moon today in Libra! I’m featuring writings from astrologer Divine Harmony in this newsletter because she has so much to say that can be helpful to all of us. I can’t possibly share it all here, so see her entire posting here for some really detailed and helpful information. At the New Moon two weeks ago, I had nothing to say. Now at the Full Moon Today I have so much to say, I hardly know where to begin!

The theme for this year seems to be the importance of our personal work, especially healing Karmic patterns, and staying aligned amidst the chaos. That brings us back to Hara Alignment, something I often speak to.You may be tired of hearing that, and yet the energy supporting our growth is here and it moves us naturally in that direction. So if you have issues that have surfaced, new ones or even old ones that you thought you had dealt with, but there is a deeper hidden layer surfacing, now it the time! The Force is with Us! Karmic patterns are sometimes found within the Hara and can be healed there. See my Hara Meditation( Aligning Personal Will with Divine Will here. ~ Blessings, Mary

From Divine Harmony:
This Full Moon is a potent one! First off all it’s in Libra, the sign of the scales- a sign that is ever seeking balance, peace, harmony and beauty within and without. This is the sign of relationship and it naturally falls in the 7th house of a chart- the house of Others and what I like to call the house of the Mirror. The 7th house reflects qualities back to us that we are not conscious of in ourselves and because of this we attract others in our lives to live out these qualities both positively and negatively.

The full moon is conjunct Jupiter who is in Libra- helping us to learn and grow through our relationships and helping us get clear on what is needed for peace, harmony, connection and collaboration. During this Full Moon in Libra we have a focus on relationships and the mirror reflections surrounding us- personally and collectively.

In theory Jupiter in Libra is great for relationships and finding peace, balance and harmony- yet from the moment Jupiter has been in Libra he has been tensely aspected by Uranus, Eris, Pluto, Neptune and Chiron! So this full moon can bring these huge lessons and opportunities for growth and evolution into focus. To me this shows that before we can find peace we have to be shocked and awakened (Uranus), have the rug pulled out from underneath us (eris), see the shadow going on behind the scenes within and without (pluto), take off the rose colored glasses so we are seeing reality (Neptune) and do the work to heal around our tendency to be in denial, delusion, play the victim or the martyr, manipulate or be manipulated by others, spiritually bypass and avoid facing reality and taking responsibility for it. [Hopefully, not all at the same time! ] My comment.

What is interesting is Retrograde Venus is the ruler of the full moon (she rules libra) and she is in a Yod configuration with the Full Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Ceres and Chiron. a Yod is the finger of God/Goddess aspect that points directly at where the evolution and growth edge is- and the Yod points to the Full Moon in Libra. [A Karmic Pattern] My comment.

Venus Image by Jacqueline Nash
Venus is almost at a standstill- set to station direct on the 15th. She does so within ½ a degree conjunction to Chiron. When Venus stations- and really the entire month of April- she has been/is triggering the Saturn/Chiron square. This is a HUGE defining signature of 2017.
Saturn is on the Galactic Center- a point of High Frequency Light and illumination. The brighter the Light the darker the shadow though- so what Saturn on the GC has been helping us do is make the darkness conscious Saturn square Chiron confronts us with our biggest wounds and pain and the default karmic patterns we keep on playing out ad nausea in our lives. You know those areas of life where you keep getting stuck, you seem to be on repeat where the players may change but the drama is the same? And when you really get deep in-self reflection you see that the lowest common denominator is yourself? The places we keep on repeating patterns is where our potential for greatest growth, healing and awakening lies!

Saturn demands mastery, personal accountability, integrity and responsibility. Those committed to doing their own work rather than defaulting to playing the victim or the martyr, projecting and blaming, or turning to addictions to numb out and bury their heads in the sand- those are the ones who can really step up in their mastery, authority and seats as teachers for the collective right now. (and yet going into this work needs to come from a place of doing it for yourself- not doing it so you can teach it to others).

Leaders/teachers that are doing as much, if not more, inner work on themselves as they are leading or teaching others in the world around them are needed right now- as we can only lead people as far as we have gone. And if something very different is going on behind the scenes it will Unconsciously play out in our outer life and affairs.

Libra has many beautiful qualities but one of the shadow sides of libra is the tendency to want to sweep things under the carpet and have things look pretty on the outside- meanwhile underneath lots of stuff is brewing. This yod calls us to step beyond the surface to get to what is underneath. The personal and collective wounding patterns we keep playing out ad nausea no longer work- and really have not worked but now things are coming to a head and there’s no avoiding looking at them. We need to wake up to the manipulations going on behind the scenes politically and collectively.We need transparency and a willingness to get vulnerable and intimate with the Truth of ourselves and the actions in our lives. And this full moon along with Saturn/chiron this year can help us do that- if we are willing to go there!