Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo Today!

Full Moon in Pisces/Virgo Today!

“After the big buildup to the Leo Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017, don’t feel let down if your life hasn’t changed yet. The solar eclipse was a New Moon, so this new life was conceived in the dark – Secret. New. Unknown. Lots of issues are coming up to be resolved. Everyone is very tired. Just like after a new Birth. So stay quiet and listen within. That’s Virgo’s purpose: to integrate all of who we are so we can offer our talents and gifts to the world.” ~ Cathy Pagano

I really resonate with Cathy’s words here_feeling exhausted, letting down, a bit disoriented. Where are we now and where are we going? It’s time to integrate and allow it to reveal itself _ our direction and our task. Time to let go of the past with compassion_ our successes, our failures, our mistakes, our regrets. Time to be still, to go within, to listen, to know.

I began to read a book during this time that I have read before but this time I hear more wisdom; I see more wisdom. I know more about what is being said. There is the opportunity for great intuition and guidance at this time if we allow ourselves to be quiet enough to listen! The path to enlightenment is a single one and yet we are not alone! We get a lot of help! We each have tasks that we are to achieve in this lifetime according to our individuated soul’s growth and agreements. But our collective task is to wake up to our Divine nature, to who we really are. To experience it, not to just know it intellectually. It is through the growth that we achieve in these moments of energetic opening at eclipses, transits and New and Full Moons that we grow in consciousness. And as we do that, so do we expand the Collective Consciousness of which we are a part. May we all do our part to grow during these difficult times, acknowledging the Grace that we receive and makes it all possible. ~ Blessings, Mary

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“At this first Full Moon after the Leo Eclipse, we’re blessed with an out-of-sign opposition in the signs of Virgo and Pisces, since the lunar cycle shifted with this 2nd Leo New Moon. Now for a year or so we’ll have New Moons in one sign and the following Full Moon in completely different signs. We’ll have to stretch ourselves consciously to learn the lessons offered to us. (The usual Moon cycle is for the New Moon in a sign to come before the Full Moon that corresponds to that sign – for example, a Leo New Moon gives rise to an Aquarius/Leo Full Moon. Because our lunar calendar is different from the solar calendar we live by, every few years we either get 2 New Moons in a sign or 2 Full Moons (a Blue Moon) in a sign. Then the energies flip.)

Instead of a big Leo realization about our creative expression and self-confidence, which we hopefully experience at the Aquarius/Leo lunar eclipse on August 7th, we’re going to dive deep in the Collective Unconscious (Pisces Moon) to see those aspects of life which we’ve neglected and abandoned in favor of our patriarchal need to ‘get ahead’. As we deal with our shadows, we can figure out how we can be of service (Virgo Sun) to our world. But before we can be of service, we have to integrate our own body, soul and spirit.

It’s becoming clearer every day that we are the change we’re waiting for. In these next decades we must go out and create a new society, where you can offer the gift you alone know how to give. That’s the Virgo part – mastery of your gift. The Pisces part is taking in what you, as part of the Collective Unconscious, intuit and envision so you can manifest it in the world.”

“We too have to rejoice in our harvest _ the life we’ve lived up until now. Instead of seeing our mistakes, our ‘missed chances’ and our fears, it’s a time to validate the life we’ve been living by honoring it, being nurtured by it and then letting it go.”

“This year we are called to honor what came before the Leo Solar Eclipse and then lay it to rest. The Pisces Collective Unconscious will gather it in as a part of human experience. The first step in this new life is to release and honor what has come before – the life-giving and life-denying experiences we went through to get to this point. To honor the person we have become now. If we can’t love this self, how can we love our higher Self?”



“The soothing waters of Pisces are most welcome after moving through the powerful time of the eclipse portal. Full Moon Pisces is aligned with its own ruler, Neptune. That’s an invitation. We have access to our most creative, imaginative and psychically connected selves through our emotional bodies. We are called on to dream and to envision from our deep, inner sacred temples of the heart. Open those portals wide, feel everything there is to feel and let it all dissolve into the sea of life. Now, feel just how you would choose to have your life feel and infuse it with light and power. We are highly sensitive under this Moon. We have been plucked out of our old frameworks with the eclipses, and though not yet comfortable with the new, there is renewed commitment to a more powerful, highly tuned existence.

Pisces is the metaphysical force in the zodiac, the keeper of the spiritual journey, the bodhisattva energy of compassionate acceptance of humanity and all that arises. Compassion is a wide-open heart holding the dark and the light, the suffering and the bliss, the pain and the joy. Where Pisces can lose their way is in being overwhelmed by human suffering, the pain of feeling too much and then needing to anesthetize their tender hearts with alcohol, drugs, comfort foods, media, any addictive behavior that drowns out the pain. Our suffering comes from separation,[feeling seperated] the loss of the sacred in our lives, a relationship with that which is greater than ourselves giving meaning and purpose to our lives. Pisces/Neptune provide the container for us to realize we are not flawed, sinful creatures, but sparks of the divine ~ precious and infinite.

The Moon Full in Pisces with Neptune magnifies our ability to humbly surrender old victim/martyr/blame habits. Let nature, music, painting, poetry, dance and your dream life align you with Pisces’ gifts.”