Full Moon in Sagittarius_Letting Go at the Deepest Level!

Full Moon in Sagittarius_Letting Go at the Deepest Level!

We had a Full Moon on Friday_ a very complex one which enables us to let go of what no longer serves us at a very deep level. Every Full Moon is about letting go but this one is especially powerful. Jupiter turned direct too so abundance can now materialize. The collective consciousness is of utmost importance now. What is your part in raising its consciousness? See what the astrologers have to say about the potential of this time. ~ Blessings, Mary

Since Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, this Full Moon is all about expansion, prosperity, higher truth and living a life where Joy is the leading factor.” ~ Michael Lennox

“The Sagittarius Moon will hit its exact moment of fullness at 6:09am PDT Friday morning. This Full Moon is thoroughly blessed by so many planetary connections, it’s no wonder that it is ruled by Jupiter, the Great Expander. We are in perfect alignment between an open Heart and a precise Mind, and when we choose what to release with this Full Moon’s capacity to do so, we are supported by the Lord of the Underworld to let go of that which no longer serves us from the deepest places in our psyche that we possibly can…
~ Michael Lennox

There’s so much support from ruler Jupiter who’s lending opportunity, expansion and enthusiasm to the Sun/Moon axis. Just wait, just as the Moon reaches fullness, Jupiter ends its four-month retrograde at 13ºLibra! Boy Howdy! Let’s start moving this show down the road. Come fall, it’ll be ‘full steam ahead’. ~The Pwer Path

“Jupiter has been retrograde for the past five months, and so he has not been free to bring about outward expressions of abundance as he can when he is moving direct. When he turned around in the sign of Libra at the beginning of February, he was putting us on notice that while in his backward journey, we would need to focus on creating inner mental equivalents of what we desire to manifest, but we would have to wait some months for things to begin to appear in the world of form. That retrograde period ends today, and Jupiter turns direct, in fact, LESS THAN ONE HOUR before the Full Moon is exact. This is a wild synchronicity, even for me who is so subject to hyperbole. If ever there were a moment to believe in the possibility of living a life filled with Abundance, this is it.

Since Jupiter rules this Full Moon, what is being left behind – or at least what it is possible to leave behind – is something that keeps you from feeling that you deserve all the Good you can possible create. Whatever you are ready to release right now, this transit can help you let go down to a cellular level.

Jupiter is just turning around, so this is not a time to go charging forth making things happen, but trust that things you have been creating internally over the past months will start to show up in the world of form in the months to come.” ~ Michael Lennox


And From Mary
This Full Moon is about letting go at the deepest of levels. We are living in a time that I don’t think we anticipated; a time when lower consciousness seems to have taken control. but only if we allow it. Clearly, there are several levels of consciousness on the earth plane operating at the same time now_some high and some low. Carl Calleman describes this at length in his most recent articles and his latest book The Nine Waves of Creation. The Sixth Wave of creation has gone into a Night, for those who resonate with it, favoring a dark age, but there are higher waves of consciousness that are now activated on the earth plane that can counter its effects. That’s why so many people are standing up, having a voice, taking action though demonstrations, court actions etc. because they’re vibrating at a higher level of consciousness and they know better! What is our place in this scenario?

I don’t think there is the same sense of drivenness in the spiritual community that we expereinced during the last 20 years because that task has been completed. We have brought in Unity Consciousness to the planet for all who can resonate with it. And yet there is still work to be done. It is integration work. As people resonate with the higher levels of consciousness, it will minimize the effect of the lower levels aka …autocratic rule and Facism. At the Unity level, we see the bigger picture, we value all levels of creation and we care about the good of the whole; we make decisions based on that knowing. We need to keep growing into that level of consciousness and helping others to do so.

And so, at the time of this Full Moon, release all that you can from your psyche that no longer serves you or the collective and hold the light for others to do the same. ~ Blessings,