Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces_Reclaiming Our Power!

Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces_Reclaiming Our Power!


“We start the month off with a full moon that invites us to dream, refine, balance, and take practical action in the direction of those dreams. This full moon sets the tone for the month promising creativity, inspiration, movement, new ideas and emotional healing as long as there is a willingness to be flexible, adaptable and teachable.

How do you want your month to be? What seems to be in the way of you simply enjoying life? You will find that it is usually your own attitudes that get you into trouble.” ~ The Power Path

“Let yourself be called into the watery realms of this Pisces/Virgo window. Pisces is calling you to the dream state. Juno, Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Chiron are all gathered in Pisces with the Virgo Full Moon opposing the Sun to balance that poetic, dreamy state of Pisces with some practical, earth bound wisdom. The Pisces-Virgo Axis is one of service, balancing giving and receiving, being and doing. Virgo helps us adapt to new circumstances whether they are new expansions or new limitations.”

“Pisces helps us surrender our attachment to the physical plane so we can better access our soul’s intention and guidance from the invisible world.”

“Virgo at one end of the axis is about the details of life, that mental capacity to preconceive outcomes and consequences. Virgo is about the harvest, reaping what you have sown, and that one who counts the stores and parses out the resources so there will be enough to get through the winter/lean times thus preserving the community. Neutral Mercury now in Pisces rules the Virgo Full Moon with Mercury and Venus conjunct.

Virgo brings to our awareness the sacred balance of body/mind/spirit. She, in her feminine earthiness, can inspire you to shift your health habits and your thinking about healing in a quantum way refining and focusing your self-healing and self-renewal abilities. At Virgo Moon you can show deep respect for your miraculous body with movement, dance, yoga, stretching, working out as a prayer to its magnificent service to you.

Virgo is the Queen of analyzing the current environment or resources, and bringing to bear her keen discrimination of what needs to be eliminated and streamlined to refine and bring order and efficiency into her office, home, schedule, wardrobe, life.

Call on your Virgo Queen to bring all your disparate parts into working order, to reorganize your health and diet habits as well as your work, day-to-day routines, the clutter that keeps you from being efficient and orderly and on your game. So what if Virgo is a bit overly fastidious, detailed and just can’t help setting the bar high, use it at this Moon to regroup and get organized. You will feel so good about your accomplishments in the material plane.” ~ The Power Path

We are on the brink of major change in our culture; astrology is supporting the changes that are possible as we have the courage to speak our truth, stand for what we believe in and take back our power both personally and collectively. I’ve been writing about this for some time and these opportunities keep coming. Guns, sexual abuse, corporations refusing to treat the workers fairly who actually make their profits possible. The power that has been held over the masses on this planet and on many levels of creation has been going on for eons of time. It’s time for us now to take back our birthright and the opportunities are here.

Here’s the correction to the prevailing distortion in thinking: within the whole, every aspect is equal to the other. We may have different talents and jobs, different ways to contribute, but the whole cannot exist without each working part. There may be an owner or a leader, but he/she is not more important than those who work for him. When each person is acknowledged and respected for the part that they play, then equality and peace will come to this world. The Universe is supporting this growth within the collective; we all must play our part for these changes to occur. Here is a quote from my first book. ~ Blessings, Mary

“There is nothing more important than reclaiming our power at this point in time because it will determine the future direction of our planet and our evolution”. MB

Cathy Pagano at Wisdom of Astrology has much to share on our current situation and opportunities.
“The January 31st partial solar eclipse in Aquarius gave us the opportunity to upgrade our operating system, helping us think ‘outside the box’ about what we can do as human beings.The old operating system only sees divisions. It’s based on the need to survive at all costs and gives rise to hierarchies of power. We are seeing the end game of that kind of system. It leads to death, because it refuses to die so it can be reborn again on a higher level. The old death machine is fighting back, because that’s all it knows how to do now. We are called to transform our society. And the children are leading the way.

Our kids need us to stand up with them – which our parents didn’t do for us in the 60-70s when Uranus and Pluto started a new cycle of evolution and revolution.

We have entered a time very much like the early 70s, when there were protests and civic disruption. Our leaders were caught off-guard then, but you have only to turn on the news to see that our corporate elites have prepared for this round of revolution. They are trying to take away our 1st Amendment ‘right to protest’ just as they are determined to stop any curtailment of the 2nd Amendment ‘right to bear arms’. So it’s okay to kill people (especially children) but not okay to protest against a government that no longer serves the common good.

With Saturn in Capricorn and Pallas in Taurus forming a grand earth trine with this Virgo Moon, we have the energies to strategize and manage how to bring our dreams into manifestation. Just remember. Take it slow. Saturn wants to build solid foundations and so we have to be patient and let things develop in their own time and place. That means, we have to get off of patriarchal time and step into cosmic flow.”