Full Moon In Virgo vs Pisces

There is a Virgo Full Moon on February 22 which is opposed by The Sun and Neptune coupled in Pisces.This Moon empowers you to keep your feet on the ground while you reach for the stars. You are being asked to balance your heart—Pisces with your head—Virgo.
Art by Josephine Wall

These are challenging times and we must find new and innovative ways to navigate its often choppy waters. But they are also times of rebirth and renewal, deep wisdom, transformational insight and life potentised anew. This Moon comes to remind us we are never alone, never cast out from the divine source of all things everywhere. We merely believe ourselves to be, in one mighty misperception which is rigorously challenged by the light of this Virgo Moon.
Evolution is not about arrival, and transformation is not about securing a state that lasts forever. Life is always in flux, otherwise it isn’t life. Our heart rests between each beat. Wakefulness is punctuated with sleep and energy with exhaustion. Our breath comes and goes, our cells renew and our emotions shift and change. Stasis is stagnant: death not life, suppression not expression. If we want to claim the life that is ours we must be prepared to live it fully, not edit out the bits we’d prefer to avoid and cling tenaciously to those parts that really need to be gone. The coming eclipse season, together with this alignment between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, will help blow away any cobwebs of complacency and remind us that destinations are over rated: the journey is where it’s at! ~ Sarah Varcas
Pisces’ symbol, two fish swimming in opposing directions, shows us the great initiation of Pisces: to develop our Christ Consciousness, the awakening of the Soul to its spiritual essence; or to remain in the illusion of separateness, which leads to a sense of powerlessness, victimization, suffering, unworthiness as well as materialism, cruelty and domination. Which way will we turn?

From Wisdom of Astrology
Pisces is the home of our collective Heart—the heart that cries out for love, justice, creativity, fun, magic, union with the Divine. The Heart that looks for meaning, for connection, for Wisdom about Life. Or the heart of darkness, of despair, of addiction. Once again, the choice is ours.

Neptune in Pisces wants to help us birth a new life for ourselves and the world. But we have to change our beliefs and bring them more in line with our heart. That means our religious, cultural and family beliefs have to be questioned, examined and if necessary, left behind. This is the challenge we face from this year’s T-square between Neptune/Chiron in Pisces, Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius. How can we weave together a form that can be a container for many ways of seeing and being in the world?

Virgo wants us to master whatever gifts and talents we have so we can be of service to the world. This Virgo Full Moon can take the measure of who we are and who we are meant to be, and lead us down the path of mastery. We have to submit to the alchemical fires of transformation that await us as we perfect ourselves in Love and gratitude.

As we renew ourselves, we renew the world. We have to engage in the our world now. If we work with our Neptune in Pisces energy, we have to be careful not to fall into the delusion that there is no hope for the future. That is the old story—the story of Piscean martyrdom and suffering.

If we want to make a difference in the world we need to imagine and incarnate a new story for the world. We are the grandparents of the Aquarian Age, and now is the time to fully step into that new story. The revolutionary and evolutionary energies birthed in the 60s wants to set down deep roots and fling out strong branches now. The revolution is upon us. Will you join?