Full Moon in Virgo_Can You Feel the Energy of Expansion?

Full Moon in Virgo_Can You Feel the Energy of Expansion?

The bigger picture for this month no matter if you look at this Full Moon on the 12th, the Equinox 20th or the coming New Moon 27th all these charts are framed by the larger social-political forces of the square between Uranus and Pluto being triggered by Jupiter. This configuration spans from last fall 2016 into August/September 2017. March holds the second of the three exact passes (August/September the last pass). The Virgo Full Moon rolls into opposition to the Sun reflecting back to us the question of just how are we bringing that soaring, transcendent energy into our daily, work-a-day lives.

Vesta wants to know what ideals are we willing to commit to; can we focus our inner heart beam through our work and manifest and contribute to something we believe in? Are we dedicated to our spiritual awakening and inviting the invisible world into our lives? How ready are we to trade trust, faith, cooperation for material goods, competition, profit and domination? ~ The Power Path


The Pisces Sun is conjunct Pallas Athena, Chiron, and Mercury. The Moon opposes them all. Mercury is ruler here and is exactly square Saturn. Mercury is of the mind, mental, how we communicate, process information, perceive what’s around us, make connections. It rules thinking, speaking, writing, networking. Saturn says, ‘get disciplined with your mind’. Pallas and Chiron work together as powerful healing agents with lightning insights, clarity and support for bridging into new mental states and habits.We’re waking up to healing our minds of the ‘programs running in the background’. It takes discipline and a watchful eye to see where we are unconsciously reinforcing our self-worth in a negative way.Pisces asks, ‘can you open your heart to all the fear and all the joy – no judgment, full acceptance of what is?’ ~The Power Path


From Mary
Can you feel the energy of this Full Moon today? It’s expansive; feels like something is being lifted and we are moving forward. Every full moon is not like this but when it is, it’s such a joy!

It is quite easy these days to feel swamped by the energy of negative intent and fear mongering being spewed out by those who are vibrating at that level of consciousness on the earth plane, but that’s not the only energy that’s here nor is it the energy that’s predominant! But we have to stay aligned spiritually in order to know that!

As I meditated and channeled this morning, I gained some clarity as I was shown the chaos occurring here at the global level and the importance of staying consciously connected to the higher realms, which allows that energy to have access to and be grounded into the earth plane.This is not a new concept, one that I have taught about for some time, but it is one that we may need to be reminded of from time to time on our journey to full integration with our Individuated Soul and the Spiritual realms! As I made that connection consciously this morning, I saw fragments of energy that were cloudy and gray in color being met by Higher Dimensional Light which dissolved them, creating a clear slate! This is the power we have as healers to work at the Global Level of Consciousness to affect the planet and the Mass Consciousness. We just need to learn how to connect and to allow that work to happen as we surrender our egos.

It is we, the souls that are incarnated right now, who have the job of grounding Higher Consciousness into the earth plane. It cannot operate here without us; it needs a body! But when we connect with it consciously, we allow it to work here_and it does. The light is working furiously to show us what has been hidden and it is dissolving negativity when we connect with it and allow it to do its work. And of course It is not something outside of ourselves; we are part of that group level of consciousness. We just have to connect with it consciously through alignment and immediently we begin to re-mem-ber that and allow it to do its work at the group level. And with it comes more wisdom and “ah-ha” moments. “Oh, that’s what is happening! That’s what this means! I see now!”

As I write this I am aware that some of our language and understanding of this concept may have changed through even recent years as we are evolving in consciousness, and yet the message is the same. We are here in physical form as “individuals” and yet we are part of a greater whole. We are a group consciousness. And we are here at this point in time with a Divine purpose. Learn to align and to connect consciously and you will discover what that purpose is! ~Blessings, Mary