Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius_Hold Onto Your Hat!

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius_Hold Onto Your Hat!

The Full Moon/partial Lunar Eclipse at 15’25 Aquarius will be exact on Monday August 7th 2017 at 11:11am PDT. This lunar eclipse will be seen all around the world except for the Americas. Since we’re the only ones getting hit by the solar eclipse in two weeks, we can’t complain! ~ Cathy Pagano

We had a full moon eclipse yesterday at 11:11. Wow! Hold onto your hat! . We are in an eclipse portal until the next eclipse on August 21st; one which will be seen all across the U.S. There couldn’t be a more intense or auspicious time. See what the astrologers have to say and don’t be surprised at sudden changes. As you will see, a major shift is afoot. ~Blessings, Mary

“A lunar eclipse is a potent Full Moon which offers us a chance to release old emotional patterns we’re still holding onto. On the Aquarius/Leo axis, those patterns relate to how we hold ourselves back to ‘fit in’, how we hold onto ideals and judgments that no longer serve us, and most especially, how we let our heads overrule our hearts. How we dim our light.

This eclipse asks, how can we let our Leo leadership abilities, our creativity and our bravery shine out to add to, not take away from, the Aquarius group Mind? I like to think of Aquarius as The Round Table where we all sit as equals, and this eclipse tells us to stop being afraid to let ourselves shine out, especially when we’re with our group.

In Leo, the riches we discover are self-confidence, power, leadership, pride, creativity, self-awareness and light, our light. In Aquarius, we discover our visions for the future, our connection with society and our archetypal Mind. This Aquarius Moon will shape and embody these Leo gifts, will take Leo’s offerings and shift out what is useful for our collective well-being.”~ Wisdom of Astrology


From Divine Harmony
“We are in the eclipse portal- a radical time of change, endings and new beginnings. Eclipses are like amped up new moons and full moons- lunations on steroids if you will 😉 This full moon is a partial lunar eclipse and it is followed by a total solar eclipse on august 21st- the latter being a pretty significant eclipse for the USA (more on that below). With the leo/aquarius axis highlighted there is focus on individuality and community, ME and WE, personal and collective, heart and mind, feelings and thoughts. Because the south node is in Aquarius, we all need to look at where we overexpress this energy in shadowy ways- both personally and collectively.

The shadow of Aquarius expresses when we only come from the mind and detach from the heart. Artificial intelligence is very Aquarian- but devoid of the elements of compassion, conscience and embodiment. There are gifts of AI but there are some big time shadows to be aware of- When we separate out intelligence from the other aspects of being a human it operates on it’s own and can run amok (just look back at the time of Atlantis when intelligence and technological advances took over). Another shadow of aquarius is being addicted to being different to the point of not being able to work within current paradigms. Aquarius is the sign of the game changer- out with old and in with the new! Yet aquarius can sometimes have difficulty discerning baby from bathwater- and it’s important to be able to tell the difference between foundations that are solid and good and ones that need to be overthrown.

Another focus can be on communities we are involved with and friends we have. Are the people we socialize with kindred Spirits that help us thrive and grow? Or are we hanging out with the wrong crowd? Being willing to step up into our hearts and authenticity (leo north node) so we can truly shine who we are at our essence and attract people who resonate with our frequency is key right now.”


And from Astro Awakenings
Sarah Varcas talks about the Black Moon when there are two New Moons in one month! The Black Moon occurs on the second New Moon Eclipse on August 21st!

“A black moon is a particularly powerful new moon which augurs a significant new phase. We can use its energy to prepare for shifts in our inner and outer worlds so powerful they may change the very course of our life. Each black moon signals the beginning of a new cycle which lasts until the next black moon, two and a half to three years later, so these are powerful moments in time which can markedly influence the coming years. It is therefore wise to use their energy well.

We begin at the first of the two new moons – a month prior to the black moon – [ we experienced this on July 23rd] which helps us discern how to best use the black moon energy. This first moon is a time of intense quiet, to be spent as still as possible. A time to listen, not speak; to reflect, not act; to go within, not be drawn without. This moon invites us deep within to discover there the entire universe and know our self as a microcosm of the macrocosm – a thread woven through time and space by the unfolding of life in, through and around us. This moon prepares us to ignite, at the black moon, the sparks of creativity, wisdom, patience, fortitude and commitment which fuel the engine of a life fulfilled.

New opportunities occurring just prior to or at this first moon may falter before they’ve begun. A much-anticipated new start may fast lose its shine leaving us discouraged and disoriented. This is a common experience at the beginning of a black moon cycle, so there’s no need for panic! The first of the two new moons is simply paving the way for the real fresh start at the black moon itself, highlighting where final adjustments may be needed and plans require a final review. We then have a month to instigate any necessary alterations before the black moon arrives and a new phase is born. Whether we sense the coming change as a gentle breeze or a mighty storm, this initial new moon encourages us to embrace the approaching unknown, allowing it to trickle or flood through our life as it must and will. We are on the brink of profound change and commitments made now will be potentised a month later by the black moon.

Once the black moon arrives, a shift in the fabric of the universe is underway, often manifesting as a new life theme that develops and matures across the coming two to three years. Our attention may shift to new interests and/or occupations. We may meet new people or drift from old ones. What once seemed so important to our well-being loses its appeal and we find deep inner shifts reflected in changes we once could never have contemplated. This is no ordinary new moon but the birth of a whole new phase in our life, which will unfold in ways that can be hard to predict at first, but which, in retrospect, make perfect sense when reviewed from a vantage point of garnered wisdom in a year or so’s time. Then we can see where we were, where we are and where we’re heading in relation to the themes of the defining black moon.”