Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo Feb. 10, 2017

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo Feb. 10, 2017

Full Moon In Leo and Lunar Eclipse Friday February 10th, 2017
Yesterday was power packed with a Full Moon in Leo, an eclipse and a comet initiating change, endings, transformation and new beginnings! Usually it is March that can come in “like a Lion”, but this year it’s February, as the eclipse season begins early this year with the Full Moon eclipse occurring in Leo. Eclipses occur in pairs with this first lunar eclipse opening a portal and focusing on endings, while the solar eclipse that occurs in two weeks will focus on new beginnings. The astrologers agree that this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is fiery and aggressive being in a fire sign; it initiates change and will move us forward. It is also accompanied by a Grand Trine made up of fire signs which will ignite inspiration into action with ease and grace. So it is a powerful time and will affect us all whether we are aware of what is happening or not!

In terms of social action, for a month now, we’ve been on the edge of our seats, wondering how we will fare as the Universe has devised what I call a “test” for us. Will we stand in our truth and save our Democracy or be placid and loose it? So far, so good! It’s really encouraging to see how many people are turning out in demonstrations, how the courts are ruling, and how many are taking a stand and taking action where they can. Here’s what the astrologers say about this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. ~ Blessings, Mary

Some amazing insights from Michael Lennox on Facebook:
“The more planets touched by the geometry of any Full Moon, the more intense the moment is. When it is also an eclipse, you can bet that the potential for rebooting the system is elevated to an even greater level. This particular Full Moon has SEVEN planets all touching each other within a pretty tight geometrical exactness. Of course, two of those are the Sun and the Moon, but also in play are Pluto, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron. In some ways, this is the biggest eclipse we have seen in years.

Consider it this way: At a moment when we are rebooting our consciousness and releasing everything that we want to let go of, we have the help and support of the following archetypes. Pluto invites us to change at a cellular level. Uranus brings his capacity to awaken us to new levels of awareness. Saturn adds structure, and the lessons required to do the best job at being human that we are currently capable of. Jupiter makes sure that we are growing and expanding into more abundance and prosperity. Chiron ensures the element of healing any wounds that limit our capacity to rise up and become the most magnificent version of our Selves. All in one big wave of energy”

And from Rebekah Shaman
The Leo moon, symbolised by the Lion, gives us our roar back if we have been feeling defeated and overwhelmed by life. It reignites our passion and fuels our self-belief, giving us the courage to break through any obstacles and barriers that are keeping us stuck in a rut.

Take time out from aggressive, or negative friendships that are bringing you down. This moon is going to be intense, there is no soft way to say it, and surrounding yourself with good friends and positive energy will help you stay up beat if life gets difficult and challenging.

Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone

This Leo moon helps us to come out of the shadows, by helping us feel more brave and daring. With the fiery lion energy urging us on to expand our horizons, this is the moon to step out of your comfort zone and do something bold and fearless. Try something new, or book that adventure you have always wanted to take but have been procrastinating about. Leo energy re-ignites our fire, and passion, especially if it has been dampened over the last few months, and helps us shine our light out into the world.

Focus on your Successes

This Leo moon boosts our imagination and increases our self belief that we are powerful enough to change the things in our lives that no longer work. It can often be a magical moon that opens new doors and possibilities, and gives us the courage to walk through. This Leo moon reminds us not to give up and spurs us to boldly move forward in our lives, without the fear and anxiety of past failure or disappointment. Listen to your intuition that is constantly guiding you. The more receptive we are to all the opportunities that are around us, the more we can take advantage of the very exciting and fruitful prospects that are opening up.