Glyphosate and Chronic Illness

Ever wonder why there is such a high incidence of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, Obesity, gut related illness and Autism?

It’s all around us, its insidious, it’s destructive but its preventable and treatable when you see it for what it is. Last week I walked out into the yard just in time to see some landscapers spraying something I had not authorized. When I asked what they were spraying, they said “Round Up, everyone is using it!” Ugh! I thought. I know all about “round up” and I only use natural organic products in or around my house. So I stopped them, of course, but I was standing in the middle of the freshly sprayed area and guess what? I got sick. Quite sick in fact. And so I did more research online about round up and gathered some new information.

It was worse than I thought but it made a lot of sense. I am well aware of the struggle going on between Monsanto (who makes Round Up) and state legislatures to label GMO’s and to stop the spraying of this herbicide on food crops world wide. I did not know the extent of the research already done on the side effects of this product and how it is contributing to epidemic diseases of all kinds.

Did you know?
**Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round Up, was originally patented as a de-scaler_it cleaned industrial boilers and pipes by chelating minerals, grabbing them and dissolving them.

**Then it was discovered that because of that chelating property, it could also kill plants, so Monsanto bought the molecule and patented it as a herbicide.

**Then it was found that it kills gut bacteria, unfortunately the beneficial gut bacteria, not the bacteria you want to get rid of, and they patented it as an antibiotic.

**It’s an endocrine disruptor, a mitochondrial toxin, it can change the balance between male and female hormones, and it’s linked to birth defects and Cancer.

**80% of GMO’s are sprayed with Round UP. It soaks into the crop, we eat it, we absorb it.

**It’s a neurotoxin related to the massive epidemics of, Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Autism as well as depression, short term memory loss, brain fog and bouts of severe anxiety and aggression.

**It all starts in the gut where healthy bacteria are destroyed and toxins break down the “tight junctions” in the small intestine allowing undigested proteins to enter the bloodstream. This causes chronic inflammation to many of the systems and organs of the body. The cells stop communicating and these toxins and proteins cross the blood-brain barrier leading to neurological symptoms and diseases.

**These same “tight junctions” exist all over the body. As soon as you get a gluten or glyphosate exposure at the small intestine you make Zonulin, and that Zonulin goes systemic and damages tight junctions throughout the system leading to chronic disease.

It’s no wonder Monsanto doesn’t want our food labeled for GMO’s! And how many other crops are being sprayed with Round Up? Eating organic is certainly a large part of solving the problem. But what do we do about these compounds that are already in our bodies or exposure that we get inadvertently when we eat out or buy something that isn’t really organic? Or that we get exposed to in the air or in the water? If “everyone is using it” then we are being exposed everyday in our neighborhoods and subdivisions even if we don’t use it ourselves.

According to Dr. Zach Bush who is featured in the article below, anyone eating a standard American diet is exposed to glyphosate from many sources because 80% of it is not made by Monsanto anymore but by China and provided here in generic form. For many eating a standard American diet, GI symptoms have become their #1 medical complaint. But there’s hope!

There is a new nutritional product that has been developed that restores the integrity of the cells in the small intestine and removes glyphosate from the body. It’s called Restore and it works quickly. For anyone having chronic GI problems, It is worth looking into. It’s a complex subject, but you can read the entire article for more information below.

Restore 4 Life

We are living in time where it is possible for the earth to raise its vibration into higher consciousness. To do this, our bodies need to stay healthy and raise in vibration too! The lower ego of the mass consciousness is attempting, once again, to stop this process and control humanity by reducing its consciousness, just as it did in Atlantis.This time it’s being done through our food and water supply. Operating from greed and ignorance, it is causing untold pain and suffering, which reduces our vibrational levels. But we can have a different outcome this time, by becoming aware of what is happening and taking action, not only to stop it by supporting legislative action, but by utilizing the products becoming available to correct the imbalances being created in our bodies.

We don’t need to engage in a “fight” with this energy, but we need to stand firmly, saying “no” to its agenda, and stop it from causing destruction, just as you would would a small child who is out of control and knows no better.

This is the spiritual lesson: to stand in love as we say no to an unruly infant consciousness.Taking charge, refusing to let it destroy us and the shift in consciousness that is occurring.

Blessings~ Mary