Happy Solstice, Happy Hanukkah, and Merry Christmas!

Happy Solstice, Happy Hanukkah, and Merry Christmas!

The Winter Solstice, Mercury turned retrogade this week,Hanukkah on Saturday, and Christmas on Sunday! It feels like this Mercury Retrograde is going to be a “doosey”. Today is worse than Monday here in Phoenix when it went indirect; more traffic, mechanical and communication problems and winter storms delaying transportation across the country. Each retrograde is different; it depends on where it falls in the astrological chart both globally and personally how it will affect us. Here’s some info on the retrograde to help you move through it. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All! ~ Blessings, Mary
From Divine Harmony
“With Mercury stationing Retrograde in Capricorn there is a focus on rethinking, reviewing and revising structures in our lives, expectations, obligations, contracts, commitments and agreements.

“…There is a huge theme during this Mercury retrograde around getting clear about commitments, relationship and agreements in our lives. There is a need to go back over the past and deal with what is unresolved before we can move forward.”

“This is also the sign related to our life path, purpose and calling– which could have us rethinking what we are doing here on planet earth and where are we being called to grow out of preconceived limitations or areas of comfort in life so we can step more fully into our mastery….

“Mercury trine the North Node helps us to align or realign with our personal path of destiny and evolution– and with Capricorn and Virgo involved this path demands integrity, self/other honesty, accountability, self mastery and commitment to doing the work!”

And from Sarah Varcas at Astro-Awakenings
It has been an explosive year, what with the Uranus/Eris conjunction and the Saturn/Neptune square. The personal and collective shadow is being purged. Brought to light for all to see, it has at times triggered panic and despair alongside strengthened commitment to forge new paths and a deepening of faith in our ability to both endure and transform. We are immersed in this process now, and will be for quite some time. We are nowhere near out of the woods. Far from it. And this melting pot of sometimes traumatic change cannot be escaped. Renewal of our commitment to a radical realignment with a more vibrant, courageous and heart-centred existence will become increasingly vital in the months ahead.

There is much to be done in the coming year. Great challenges lie ahead and we are nowhere near done with this shadow revelation. But we can each contribute to a more tolerant and progressive world by dropping our own pretence, embracing the truth of who we are and daring to share it with those around us, knowing that doing so helps them do the same. What we endeavour to hide will be unceremoniously revealed; where we aim to deceive, we will fail; what we pretend, will be exposed as a lie. On this we can absolutely rely as Mercury and Pluto do their work deep within the fabric of our lives. But truth, authenticity, honesty and good natured humour – even in the face of our greatest challenges – will all contribute to an atmosphere of acceptance, support and love, allowing compassion to rise like a bubble and dissolve even the most well-crafted and deep-rooted lie.