March Madness! Total New Moon Eclipse in Pisces and More

This months astrology gives new meaning to the words “intensity” and “transformation”, beginning with a New Moon Solar Eclipse on March 8th, a Spring Equinox on March 19th, followed by Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd and Easter on March 27th. It’s definitely a time of releasing the past, of enormous death and rebirth, and becoming something new_Resurrection!

The new moon eclipse on Tuesday is also a “Super Moon” which means it is closest to the earth which makes this configuration even more powerful. It’s the first of three Super Moons; the next ones are April 7th and May 6th. How does this all fit with what you may be experiencing and how can you work with it?

I was surprised to see Divine Unity speak to something that has been in my awareness_ the toxicity from pesticides, especially “Round Up” this time of year when our plants and flowers are beginning to bloom, and the excessive use of “chemtrails” polluting our environment. (See my article below) How does this affect us and the evolution of our consciousness, personally and collectively?

This is not a time for the “faint of heart,” with Chiron bringing up old karmic wounds. The good news is they can be transformed and released within this energy. We just need to do the work, which isn’t always easy even with our New Age tools. The intensity of the month will require some attention for most of us. “Slow down, meditate, breathe, and get away from electronics” as Kelly Rosano recommends. And seek out help when you need it. It’s a time to transform, not just to survive this borage of energies. “Be the Change” you want to see in the world. As you transform, so does the world! Blessings ~ Mary

From Mary
EVER WONDER WHY THERE IS SUCH A HIGH INCIDENCE OF DEMENTIA AND ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE, OBESITY, GUT RELATED ILLNESS AND AUTISM? It’s all around us, its insidious, it’s destructive but its preventable and treatable when you see it for what it is. Read More…

from Divine Harmony
eclipse portals are times of rapid change, transformation, endings and new beginnings. they very quickly take us from point A to point B in our lives and they do so in intense and sudden fashion. this could make for a fun roller coaster ride or it could make for a dizzying, anxiety-producing one- it’s up to each of us and how we navigate these energies that will determine our experience this month! –

the bottom line of this solar eclipse in pisces is a focus on the new things ready to birth in our lives that can only occur when we take responsibility for, deal with, heal and clear out the past.the eclipse is conjunct the karmic south node and chiron the Wounded Healer.

The New Moon / eclipse falls on the Chiron / South Node conjunction in Pisces, triggering a mutable T-Square that also includes Saturn in Sagittarius and Retrograde Jupiter in Virgo (on the North Node). The conjunction with Chiron and the South Node implies a confrontation with the most sensitive, sore areas of our Soul, in order to clear emotional wounds and restore our wholeness; the opposition to Jupiter and the North Node, on the other hand, seems to indicate that acknowledging our losses can set us up for future gains. Aeternalight Astrology

“with chiron conjunct the south node deep energies from the past- personally and collectively- can arise and confront us demanding to be dealt with and addressed. any tendencies towards self delusion, deception of self or others, denial of reality, avoidance of what IS, playing the victim or the martyr, and turning to addictions to numb out (tv, drugs, alcohol, shopping, sex, internet and technology, working, exercising- anything we use to check out!) are exacerbated right now BIG TIME. –

chiron can help us heal and release past karmic patterns but only when we are willing to go into the pain and suffering we have been avoiding going into by turning to the above ways of checking out. using chiron energy consciously is NOT the easy path. and yet with chiron the wounds run deep and the longer we leave them there and don’t acknowledge and deal with them- the longer they fester and turn toxic and impact so many other areas of our lives. this astrology is important personally- especially if you have lots of pisces or if you have anything around 21-22 degrees of mutable signs. but it’s also very important collectively.

we all need to wake up and see where we have buried our heads in the sand. we need to see what is going on on planet earth and what is happening right before our very eyes but we cannot see or do not want to see and so we pretend it is not there.

it’s up to each of us how we work with this energy. it can be a powerful aspect for awakening! – but it can also entrench people even more in their patterns of delusion and denial. ‘the only way out is through, so don’t park it on the side of the road! ‘the road to enlightenment has many tempting parking spaces.’ (Jung)

there’s chemtrails being dumped in the sky- apparently as a means to address global warming so that they can control the weather and push the storm fronts up to the north pole in the hopes to cool things down up there and slow down the ice melt.

sounds like a good idea- until you find out there is barium, strontium and aluminum being dumped into the air we breathe and falling on the food we eat and into the water we drink. did you know that these heavy metals are toxic to humanity and cause health issues- many of which are things that are becoming more prevalent as issues today?

an activist is someone who campaigns for political, environmental and social change- but i also see an activist as someone who campaigns for personal, Soulful and Spiritual change (as without, so within). they both need to happen and now is the time!

a true mystic isn’t here to be seen but instead to SEE and be a conduit for Divine energies to actor into and manifest on planet earth. those people need to stay hidden as there are energies out there that don’t want the Divine anchoring into the 3D world and waking up all the people they have worked so hard to keep asleep.” ~ Divine Harmony