Moving from the self to the Self!

For years now I have talked about the shift in consciousness we are going through collectively, where we are moving from experiencing reality from our individuated selves, to seeing the bigger picture from the Self, where we have compassion and make decisions for the good of the whole. This is not an easy transition and has many levels. Cathy Pagano shares some amazing wisdom here about this New Moon today in Leo! ~ Blessings, Mary

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A New Moon is a time when both the Sun and Moon occupy the same space in the heavens, a sort of cosmic get together, what was once celebrated as a ‘sacred marriage’ of our two luminaries. Sun consciousness,which is rooted in our collective and personal ego-identity and which helps us navigate our daily common lives (our left brain rationality); and Moon consciousness(which until recently our culture rejected as ‘irrational’) our unconscious knowledge coming to us through feelings and images and instincts (our right brain wisdom).

When Sun and Moon come together in the same sign, both our consciousness and our unconscious are on the same page. They both want the same things. They’re in synch. So at New Moon, together they can plant a seed that our lives need to continue to grow.

This Leo New Moon comes after a tumultuous year of political and social unrest around the world. And I bet each of us has experience some kind of personal upheaval. Change is in the air whether we want it or not. While many of us Bernie people hoped for radical change to happen instantaneously, that’s not how real and abiding change happens. Our Taurus-self knows that the foundation has to be strong for the building to last.

We in America are in the last years of America’s Pluto cycle. We are reaping what we’ve sown for the past 230 years. But we’re also getting a chance to really live out America’s ideals of freedom, creativity and unity. We are living under corporate oppression and we’re going to have a revolution. It’s our choice if we create a peaceful revolution, which takes time to make the necessary changes, step by step or a violent one.

How does our Leo nature engage in service? Perhaps by creating a new, more fair and equal society? A healthy environment? A peaceful co-existence with other nations and religions? To get to our vision of ONE WORLDwe need to weave together a tapestry of all nations, just as the ideal of America is to make us all ONE people. First we have to unite behind our common causes and work together to create the world that we now have the imagination and ability to create. If we just have the WILL.

Perhaps Hillary Clinton needs to become America’s first female president, so that the Divine Feminine has a better chance of coming into the world. Since our world operates from a materialistic view of life, looking to the outer before we turn to the within, maybe we need to experience the strength and dignity of a woman of power so the girls and women (as well as the men) of the world have an outer image of power and strength, inspiring them to turn within to find their own powers.

So, the cosmos is offering us a chance to see the difference between the ego needs of an individual and the real desires of the Self. At this New Moon, offer up your gratitude for the gifts you’ve been given. Share those gifts with generosity and an open-heart. And ask for the things you desire most.

How can you best serve our world? Feel the world’s pain! It will help us discover how we can comfort and heal the ancient wounds of the Piscean Age. ~ Wisdom of Astrology.