New Moon in Cancer Exact on July 4th! Portal from the Past to the Future

Love this image of the crab, the signature for Cancer in Astrology. I’m sending this newsletter a bit early because the planet Mars goes direct today from a lengthy retrograde period that has put us on hold_now we can slowly move forward with all that we learned about ourselves during the retrograde, acknowledging our part in events of the past. This new moon falls on a national holiday over the weekend here in the U.S., the date of our nation’s Birthday, and I can feel its power already. Feels like a reprieve to me with energizing and joyful energy and yet there is more to follow. Sirius is conjunct this new moon again bringing both personal and collective openings to higher consciousness. I’ve written about Sirius before; when its close like this we can utilize it’s high frequency energy. This is a powerful year astrologically with one transit after another demanding our attention. As always, Divine Unity, one of my favorite astrologers, has much wisdom to share about this New Moon.
~ Blessings, Mary

From Divine Unity
this new moon is highly aspected bringing in many different layers to it. first of all it’s a new moon on the date of the USA’s birthday- which actually speaks to a major new chapter or even volume being written in regards to evolutionary path of america (i may write a blog about this on it’s own so stay tuned). the new moon is conjunct mercury and venus- the mind and the heart- showing that new ways of thinking and feeling and more importantly new ways of linking the mind and the heart so that they work together rather than against is each other is possible at this lunar cycle. this is a new lunar cycle that focuses on new beginnings in home/family situations, self care and nurturance, emotional health and well being, and relationship with the depths of our Soul.

yet new moons are simply portals of time we can work with IF we work with them consciously. so be sure to set your intentions and be very clear about what you want to call in and anchor into in your life right now. action follows intention- so be clear and precise with your intentions at this new moon to make the most of it!

amazing opportunities for growth, evolution, self mastery and transformation are present right now. it’s simply up to us to show up, do the work and commit to the Highest Path for our Soul’s right now. if we do this- the sky is the limit!

another asteroid the new moon is aligned with is eurydike. so eurydike on the sun and moon speaks to what has died, what we are trying to revive and what has to be let go of completely so that it can return to us later if it’s meant to be or perhaps in another form altogether. again there is a big theme playing out in this new moon around death, loss, endings and letting go- but because this is a new moon it also harkens to major new beginnings that are very powerful and positive for us. yet our ability to access the immense power of these new beginnings is predicated on our ability to let go of the past.

One of pluto’s images is that of the phoenix- and people love this image for good reason. she births herself anew out of the ashes of the past and she is a potent symbol of profound resurrection.
One of the most potent aspects this new moon makes which is an opposition to retrograde pluto. oppositions imply relationships and pluto implies power dynamics but also potential for profound and radical transformation.

Yet resurrection only happens when something has died- and to rise out of the ashes means something had to be previously lit on fire. so this new moon speaks to amazing new beginnings that can only truly happen when endings have occurred. rebirth comes after death and this new moon is a portal from the past to the future- and there is certainly something we all have to leave behind in order to move through the birth canal right now.

I leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for 13 cancer- a reminder that the dance of evolution and enlightenment is to allow all voices within us to have their say while remaining the witness at the center who sees/hears all and integrates all for the sake of wholeness. as within so without. so mote it be!
Divine Harmony

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