New Moon in Capricorn_Surrender and Call Upon the Sirians!

New Moon in Capricorn_Surrender and Call Upon the Sirians!

Every holiday season is different. Some are joyful throughout, some not at all and some partially joyful. This year we have some powerful transits affecting the close of 2016 between Christmas and New Years challenging us to deal with feelings and thoughts that may have been hidden. The astrologers tell us it is time to surrender to an even deeper level to transform these feelings and thoughts. But to go “lower,” we have to connect with a “higher” level of light in order to transform these deep core issues holding both levels at the same time.

My passion in my work has been to bring ease and grace into the transformative process. This year the Planet Sirius has been very close to Planet Earth, which has allowed the Sirians and their technologies to be more available to us than usual. Sirius, which is the Spiritual Sun of our sun, carries a uniquely high vibration of light. I have utilized them many times this year in healing sessions.Their energy transforms and integrates energy much more quickly than other levels of consciousness, clearing traumas, dissolving thoughts and emotions, bringing resolution to deep seated issues with ease and grace. You can call upon the Sirian energies to help you transform if you are dealing with old memories or traumas, deep emotions or faulty belief systems during these last weeks of the year. Happy New Year to All! Here’s more information about this time from the astrologers. ~ Blessings, Mary

the new moon at 7’59 capricorn is exact on wednesday december 28th, 2016 at 10:53pm PST- and it is conjunct retrograde mercury who is in his underworld phase. a very powerful year of completion and endings (2016 was a 9 year) ends with a deep dive into the Underworld and Unconscious. i know this time of the year is often full of parties, external focus, shopping, spending money and expending energy- but the natural cycle right now is to turn within. taking time to do this will be rewarded in the new year- as you can really go deep right now and get to the root/core of energies/situations in your life that need to be evolved, resolved, transformed and/or released in order for you to move into the new year and new growth that is coming!

a new moon is a time to plant seeds and set intentions- yet with mercury retrograde there is an energy present right now that involves going over/dealing with the past. mercury retrograde is a time to rethink, review and revise. it’s not a time to set new things in motion- as we need to deal with the incompletions or messes from the past that inhibit our abillity to move forward and onward in life. the mercury retrograde midpoint is exact 12 hours before the new moon, making this a very important day to pay attention to what you think, hear, perceive, understand or read right now. insights and aha moments about what is transforming, evolving, ending or completing in the capricorn area of your life (check the weekly horoscopes) are coming in BIG TIME, but you have to have the ears to hear and eyes to see right now 😉



Keep on Keeping On

Capricorn is symbolized by a Mountain Goat, stubbornly undeterred by even the highest and steepest terrain. Magically, it finds footholds in the most unlikely places, eventually reaching the top of the mountain. The message from the Mountain Goat is: ‘keep on keeping on,’ despite adversity, obstacles, the ever up hill struggle and the never-ending challenges. When we remain clear in our intentions and focused on the present moment, life becomes more about the journey than the destination. When we focus on the journey we have a lot more fun, life becomes more magical and we see a change the world.

Ask for Help

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn so this can often be a challenging moon that illuminates where we are limiting ourselves by our belief systems, negative thoughts and allowing our inner critic to work overtime. Be careful not to bury your emotions and pretend everything is fine during this moon. Sometimes under a Capricorn moon we can hide how we are truly feeling, which just generates and exacerbates more of the same emotions that are dragging us down. Instead, use the feminine moon energy to allow yourself to be vulnerable and ask for help if you need it. The more open we can be with how we are truly feeling the more support and love we realise we have around us.