New Moon in Gemini_Manifesting Abundance and Prosperity!

New Moon in Gemini_Manifesting Abundance and Prosperity!

The New Moon was two days ago, but what seems even more powerful is its connection with what is described in astrology as the Finger of God or the Yod which is connecting with it now a few days later. Michael Lennox does an excellent job of explaining this to us in his posting on Facebook. See some of what he says below.

“Gemini is one of the signs ruled by Mercury, and since Mercury is the fastest moving planet that is creating this Finger of God, this New Moon and this planetary opportunity to focus our intentions are powerfully working together to help intensify and direct seeds we plant during this lunation….We must fine tune exactly what we want to create during this passage, for when you truly know what you want, the Universe can step forward and help you manifest your desires.”
Art by Isa leWinter

“A Finger of God, also known as a Yod, is a long narrow triangle created by two planets in Sextile with each other, and a third planet across the sky which makes a sort of pointer. The planets that are 60-degrees apart, form the productive nature of the FofG, the raw materials that we are working with. The planet across the way – the pointer – does the, well, pointing.”

“Any discussion of this month’s New Moon in Gemini must begin with the Finger of God being created by Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter. While this transit doesn’t actually come into play for another few days, there is a direct connection between the intention-setting trajectory that all New Moons contain, and the guidance and navigational mechanism of the Finger of God that follows it…

In this case, our sense of expansion, abundance and prosperity is leading the way, because Jupiter is the pointer. But it is Mercury, the planet that rules our mind, thoughts, communications, language and mental focus, interacting with Neptune, the Great Spirit, that will determine how in alignment our manifestation mojo will be. From this day and for the next week, we are getting more and more focused on the expansion we desire becoming manifest in form. The net results may still come later – when Jupiter goes direct this summer – but now is the time to put in the order for what you desire to create in the cycles to come. Fingers of God encourage small choices that we make now that have long range impact down the road.

Gemini is an air sign, so turn to writing as your go-to tool for honoring this New Moon. Set powerful intentions and let them come from a very deep place inside of you where you most vulnerable desires lay dormant within you, waiting for the chance to emerge and sing.” ~ Michael Lennox

And From Mary
We know about the power of intention, and Michael speaks here about our deepest intentions, perhaps even ones that are unconscious. With setting intention, we need to be aligned with the Divine and our Soul’s Higher Purpose to be most successful. What a great time to focus on the Hara Line Meditation this week-end! As I was channeling on Wednesday, I was shown the enormous amount of light and number of light beings engulfing the earth plane at the time of this New Moon and the importance of grounding that energy so it can work on this plane of reality. “Spirit needs a body” to do its work here. So sit in meditation as often as you can this holiday week-end and align your Hara. If you need a reminder of how to do that, see my Guided Meditation on my website here! The Universe is supporting us to materialize our longings at this time and especially for the next week, so you can do your part by aligning with this energy with intention!
~ Blessings, Mary