New Moon in Sadge November 29, 2016

New Moon in Sadge November 29, 2016

The New Moon in Sagittarius occurs on Tuesday, November 29th at 4:18am PST/ 7:18am EST/ 12:18pm GMT.

“Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the future of humankind. Did you think the Creator would create unnecessary people in a time of such terrible danger? Know that you yourself are essential to this World.” – Chief Arvol Looking Horse

This certainly is a powerful time_a time to uncover the truth and to retrieve and stand in our power! I have written about this for some years now and yet I don’t think any of us could have foreseen the specifics of what we would be experiencing at this point in time. Both of the astrologers I have quoted below share important insights as to the confusion we are experiencing about “truth”, about the shadow that is exposing itself both personally and collectively, and the task we have as inhabitants of the earth_to welcome the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine despite the escalation of the patriarchy! Follow the links to read all that these wise women have to say. ~Blessings, Mary
From Cathy Pagano at Wisdom of Astrology
The Sun entered fiery Sagittarius on November 21st until December 21st, emerging out of the darkness of our Shadows and our fears about death which we encountered in Scorpio into a more light-filled, optimistic energy that heralds the rebirth of the Sun’s light and our inner ‘light’ on Winter Solstice. As the days shorten in the northern hemisphere, we are called to the hope, optimism and gratitude that Sagittarius is known for.

This New Moon squares (challenges) Neptune and the South Node in Pisces, asking us to really discern what is true from what is delusion and to let go of the fears and victimhood that are such a profound part of the Age of Pisces. This is the moment to take justice and fairness into our own hands and not be afraid to stand up against tyranny and oppression.

After any death-and-rebirth experience, (as we experienced in Scorpio), we emerge with an expanded vision of the possibilities of life. Sagittarius is the sign of philosophy and cosmic law—where the central truths of life and death are honored. This is the sign and the time to emerge out of our self-centered vision of life into a much broader view of life that includes others as well as the Earth and all her children. We are seeing that as patriarchy makes a last grab for power, the Divine Feminine is on the rise. It is the women of Standing Rock who lead with prayer and vision. The men are there protecting them. That is the true balance between men and women which patriarchy tried to overthrow.

Sagittarius is all about the Truth. Sagittarians are Truthspeakers and Truthseekers. Since they’re also curious about life, they often wander off on travels that will help them understand the fullness of life. Restless as all fire signs are, Sagittarians always have a goal in mind. That’s the arrow that this celestial archer aims at the heart of the matter.

Sagittarians see life as a quest for meaning, seeing endless possibilities and opportunities to go on adventures of discovery. So you can see why Sagittarians are so much fun—they want to break out of old molds and do something expansive and sometimes even extreme. Fun-loving and often very comfortable in their physicality, they don’t mind pushing the limits both physically and mentally.

But sometimes we forget that the image of Sagittarius is that of an archer who is aiming his arrow. In fact, Sagittarius’ glyph is an arrow. So you’ll find that Sagittarians often aim their arrows high, especially through their blunt and direct speech. They’ll tell you the truth, whether you want to hear it or not. That’s because Sagittarians are ‘straight arrows’ – sincere, honest, above board and bound by their promises. Unfortunately, Sagittarians expect the rest of us to do the same, and when we don’t, they get very depressed about hypocrisy and the state of the world. And when that happens, the initial generosity that prompted the promise leaks away and they get scattered.So it’s important for that Sagittarian part of each of us to stay focused and concentrate on what’s important to us.

Otherwise, the disappointment turns into Sagittarius’ Shadow—dark despair and an inability to find their faith again. Or even worse, they believe they’re the only ones who own the Truth and can become quite overbearing at times. Donald Trump has his Moon exactly on his South Node in Sagittarius—so with his South Node emphasis, he’s apt to feel he’s right while everyone else is wrong. His ‘I’m the only one who can fix this’ attitude comes from this old Sagittarian complex which can deny truths (such as Climate Change) which run counter to unconscious beliefs from past lives, like his grandfather’s and father’s belief that they could con the masses by blaming their detractors. Having the South Node on his Sagittarian Moon increases the possiblity of being lost in the negativity rather than in Sagittarius’ natural optimism. (For an interesting read about the President-elect, read The Making of Donald Trump by David Jonston—winner of the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for journalism.)

While the Sun travels through Sagittarius, remember to stay open to new ideas and possibilities for your life, since these will enhance the new light and life that we’ll birth at Winter Solstice and all through 2017.

And from Divine Harmony
this new moon is conjunct juno- the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage- bringing to focus that which we are committed to in relationships, business partnerships, financial arrangements and more importantly to ourselves, our path of growth and evolution and to living aligned with our personal Truth. the sign of sagittarius is all about Truth- the pursuit of it as well as the journey to understanding the difference between little truth (the ego’s truth) and big Truth (the Higher Self’s Truth).

it has been VERY HARD to get a handle on the Truth and to see what is real and what is unreal, what is honest and what is deceptive, what or who is a sheep and what or who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. (for more in-depth info on the neptune/south node conjunction you can find it in the weekly astrology blogs throughout november as well as the blog linked here-

with jupiter in libra as the ruler of this lunation right smack in the middle of triggering pluto (exact last week 11/24), uranus (exact on 12/26) and eris (1/17)- the start of some potent activating transits that carry us all the way through september 2017- the 10 month portal we are entering into is a potent one. pluto demands shadow work and facing fears and obsessions around power, control, sexuality, wealth and fame. uranus demands honest expressions of anger, individuation and radical change. and eris demands that we face that which is stuck, stagnant or toxic and own our part in it- with accountability being the key that unlocks the door to profound evolution and transformation on the other side. of course jupiter in libra just wants peace and harmony and right relationship- but with this trio activating jupiter for the next 10 months we actually have to deal with the discord, chaos, shadow, darkness and unhealthy relationships FIRST. we have to deal with the past first before we can move into the future.