New Moon in Sadge_November 11th

Both the sun and the moon are in Sagittarius today_ one of my favorite astrological signs because it’s my Sun sign! Idealism, the visionary, that’s me, sometimes to a fault. But we can’t deny the potential of these times we are in. It’s up to us how we use them and the choices that we make. Will we use this energy to grow or get hung up in old patterns?
This new moon has many different aspects including Saturn, which is moving into Sagittarius for the next two years.That means lots of tests. Saturn typically shines the light on what we need to balance in our lives. It’s a taskmaster. See what these wonderful astrologers have to say about what lies ahead. Blessings ~ Mary


From Kelly Rosano
The Sagittarius New Moon on December 11 is fiery. The Sun and Moon are coupled in Sagittarius. Uranus is in Aries. He is in harmonious energy flow with both lights (the Sun and the Moon.) This can bring exciting changes into your life. There could be new opportunities. Sudden unexpected turn of events that are in your favor. Be open to the new opportunities that are now in your life. The Sagittarius New Moon is beaming with hope for your future!

From Divine Harmony

the new moon in sagittarius is exact on friday december 11th 2015 at 2:29am PST, commencing a new lunar cycle that is focused on growth, expansion, positivity and taking chances in life!

typically sagittarius operates from a place of freedom, limitlessness, optimism and generosity- and these qualities are definitely available to us all right now. yet we cannot forget that this new moon is in the same sign that saturn is in (and 11 degrees away from saturn- which could be considered a super wide conjunction)- so there’s also an energy of contraction, reality, karma, integrity and mastery playing out right now as well.

ultimately we are being called to find a balance between leaping into the unknown and checking to make sure there’s a net securely placed below us. too much jupiter/sadge energy and we are overcommitting, overachieving, overdoing, overspending! yet too much saturn energy and we are holding ourselves back from doing and being more.

this new moon challenges us to get a healthy assessment of ourselves and our potential- and then by utilizing the saturn energy we can show up to do the work and make our dreams and visions fully materialize in the 3d world. –

the new moon square chiron has an important reminder for us though. we don’t want to be going for it or embracing opportunities to grow and expand as a means to cover up wounds and pain we have that source from deep within (going back to childhood and even past lives). if buying x, y or z or marketing ourselves or telling people how great we are is merely a cover up for low self worth or lack of self-Love- it will come through the veneer put on the surface of things. chiron reminds us that we all have wounds and pain –

when our outer persona is a mask we wear to hide our inner reality and Truth- we are challenged to look and see where we have been only focusing on the surface (beauty, fame, fortune, lots of followers) at the expense of our own depths (inner fulfillment, deep meaning, Soul’s purpose, inner Light).

with the new moon square the nodes and jupiter on the north node- we can find ourselves at pivotal points of choice in our lives. do we grow into uncharted territory or do we keep on doing the same old things expecting a different outcome? jupiter and the north node in virgo remind us that whatever we want to grow or expand into in our lives must be worked for. we have to show up, do the work, be humble and be focused on being of service. if we focus on glamour or some other idealistic vision of ourselves being seen in the world (the shadow of pisces south node) we can get ourselves heading down the wrong path- chasing things that won’t truly fulfill us.

From Cathy Pagano
This Sagittarius New Moon asks us what our intentions are regarding our relationship to Cosmic Law. What moral values do we uphold? What meaning and awareness do we seek? How do our beliefs shape our lives? Are we living our Truth?

Saturn in Sagittarius offers us lessons in maintaining a balance between expanding our vision (Sagittarius) and committing to it (Saturn), in goal-setting and the achievement of those goals so we grow in a deep, mature way. Saturn here tests us to take responsibility for living our personal truths and principles. It’s a time to look at those beliefs and principles that no longer reflect our authentic selves and change them if need be.

Saturn’s goal in Sagittarius is to experience the fullness of life and discover its meaning, and then to cull the wisdom that is the truest gift of Sagittarius. As we begin this first stage of Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius (until 2018), we’ll get to see how well we actually live out our beliefs.