New Moon in Sagittarius_ Mercury Turns Direct!

The New Moon is exact on Thursday December 6th at 11:20pm PST

“Sagittarius is symbolised by the archer, who aims with pure concentration but must also rely on unseen variables such as the wind, the tightness of the bow, and the length and width of the arrow. When they shoot the arrow into the wind, there is also that trust it will find its destination. Be like the arrow and trust that everything you need will help you hit the bullseye. The most important thing is to enjoy the journey in every moment; regardless of whether things are happening the way you wanted them to or not. ~ Rebekah Shaman

I love what Rebekah Shaman has to say about this New Moon! It sounds like we’re finally going to feel some optimism about the future, both personally and collectively having done some intense clearing of emotions, trauma and belief systems during recent months. It’s time for Rebirth! Sagittarius is my sun sign, so I especially enjoy it when we leave Scorpio and move into Sagg at this time of year. Sagg is ruled by Jupiter; it’s prophetic and optimistic. Be courageous and follow your passion!  Is it time to learn something  new?  Here are some highlights that Rebekah has shared. ~ Blessings, Mary

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“This new moon brings a lighter, brighter energy. Now under the Sagittarius new moon we can begin to feel more joyful, abundant and enthusiastic about our personal and professional lives.”

The Sagittarius moon is represented by the archer, reminding us to aim steady and focused.

Mercury is also going forward on the 6th December, and things will start to feel easier and more in flow, illuminating the optimistism that we can feel under a Sagittarius moon. It urges us to keep on going and can reignite your enthusiasm if you have been feeling sluggish and unclear of the next steps.
The Answers are Within. The Sagittarius new moon also heightens our wisdom and intuition. It helps us hear our inner voice and make the right choices. This new moon helps us to trust ourselves and our judgement more so listen to those inner answers and knowing.
Be The Change.  Sagittarius new moon also reminds us to trust in our dreams and have faith in our abilities, giving us a new sense of commitment and tenacity to stay strong with what we stand for and believe in.

Be courageous and follow your passion. This is also an auspicious time for travelling abroad, making new and foreign connections and meeting people. Doors may also open to learn something new, join a symposium or take a class in something that fascinates you….Go beyond your comfort zone to try something new or different, especially if you need a new challenge, and stimulate your mind. When we stand at the edge of the cliff we become despondant and depressed,

“Take that leap of faith, over this Sagittarius new moon, to know you can fly.” ~ Rebekah Shaman

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