New Moon Solar Eclipse! September 12/13, 2015

I don’t usually borrow artwork from Mystic Mamma, but in this case I thought this was exceptional and was created by Mystic Mamma herself. The theme for this eclipse is the healing of karmic patterns and moving from judgement and criticism of ourselves and others to compassion for ourselves and others. We all make mistakes and have “blind spots” so to speak_ lessons to learn here on the earth plane; that is what we are here for. To become conscious and to grow! Some of our patterns are deep seated and take a long time to become conscious and to heal_we call them “Karmic” because they have a root from another time. That pattern repeats itself over and over until we can see what is hidden and what illudes us in healing it. Then we can finally let go and do something different. Here’s what two well known astrologers have to say about the potential of this eclipse to move us through these hidden agendas and “leap” to another level of consciousness.~ Mary

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