New Moon, Super Moon Eclipse in Pisces and Spring Equinox

Today is the Spring Equinox, a New Moon( a Super Moon) and a total Solar Eclipse in the last degree of Pisces! Having just followed the 7th and final Uranus/Pluto square, some say it may be the most important and intense day of the year! Much has been written about this date and its transits. I am most moved by the words of Sara Varcas below.

This is truly a day for meditation, prayer and ritual! All New Moons are a time of setting intention but this one is especially powerful. It is a time of major endings of a cycle and entry into major new beginnings! May we let go of the past, regret or shame, sorrow or sadness, having learned from it as best we could. Move into the future; there will be new opportunities for growth, aligned with our deeper Self, our Authentic Self within! Namaste’, Mary

From Sarah Varcas at Astro Awakenings

This total solar eclipse occurs at 9:47 a.m. GMT (2:47am PDT) on 20th March in the final degree of the zodiac. An eclipse here speaks of completion on a grand scale. Things within reach that we failed to grasp disappear; opportunities postponed for a ‘better time’ dissolve; riches hoarded lose their worth.

“This degree of the zodiac brings to a close great cycles of time and change, major life themes and patterns. An eclipse here reminds us the cosmos has its own timetable, weaving its design through our lives with or without our consent. We are faced with the choice to synchronise our timepiece of the heart with that of the heavens or occupy our own time zone – sometimes in synch, sometimes way out of it, struggling to impose our own schedule upon the unfolding of sacred creation. The endings we face now, be they losses, disappointments or liberating closure, remind us of the need for deep and abiding alignment with the god-force from here on in, as it threads its way through our lives.”

“The cycles now ending offered certain challenges, opportunities and emergent wisdom. They required choices, the distant outcomes of which we now face. Those made in alignment with the evolutionary imperative of awakening reveal powerful new beginnings on the near horizon, crystallising as we speak. Past courage will reap rewards of freedom and deep peace. Decisions made out of fear, from a defensive heart, reveal now the fading of a future self even as we gaze upon it: opportunities lost, the time for action passed. We may feel burdened with shame or regret, sadness or grief. But no matter the pain this moment may hold, there is comfort and hope at hand.”

“The power of this solar eclipse will remove rose-tinted glasses and veils that hide the truth. We cannot stop it nor can we choose to postpone our own awakening. This – right here, right now – is the end of denial, the end of artifice, the end of avoidance.”

“This eclipse connects us with 1997, bringing to a close cycles begun then. Whatever life asked of us at that point, the cosmos now echoes back to us the answer we gave.”

An eclipse on 9th March 1997 released into the collective consciousness a vision of completion, of enlightenment. A flame was lit in the human psyche, brighter than before, which called us to draw near and remember our original face, just visible in the dancing shadows. …Life was taking on a sense of urgency and the energies which have tested our mettle to the max in recent years were tentatively beginning to make themselves felt. We were changed from that moment, even if we didn’t know it. Since then our task has been to know it, to live intimately with the divine, with the universe, the god-force. To discover just how deeply we are guided and led by forces whose influence stretches far beyond anything we had previously known.”

“In 1997 we were conceived in truth, at this eclipse we are born of it, stark and undeniable, beautiful and nourishing, truth in all its guises and glory: harsh and gentle, in darkness and in light.”