Quote on Atlantis from Current Newsletter

Divine Harmony speaks to something in the New Moon that I know quite a bit about. She says the asteroids Vesta and Atlantis in Virgo are opposite Neptune in Pisces highlighting a past time on planet earth when devotion to our minds in lieu of our hearts lead us astray_to say the least! It was a disaster in Atlantis! Now, after centuries of learning and healing, we have come around circle where we can make a different decision this time, if we will. Each one of us play a part within the collective. It is the ego out of conscious connection with higher consciousness that creates the distortion between mind and heart. Those of us here from those Altantian days know that If we all do our part to transform and connect our egos consciously, we can turn this around and move forward in the lifting of our consciousness both personally and collectively. Clearly, there is an opening here. The time is now.
~ Blessings, Mary