Mary Holds Sacred Site Seminars, Online Seminars and Professional Training for Healers

We are going through a shift in consciousness that is affecting how we feel, how we think, and how we are experiencing time. How can we participate as co-creators in integrating this level of consciousness? We integrate it by working with the physical, emotional, and mental issues that come up for us personally and by working with the mass consciousness. Join me for one day or week-end seminars for personal healing and group consciousness work on designated dates below. In my seminars, I focus on personal healing for all participants. This is accomplished through guided meditation, during which you experience personal energetic healing at whatever level you need it e.g. physical, emotional, or spiritual and table work where different participants are invited to receive hands on healing in a demonstration format. The energy from this healing is received by all in attendance.

Questions? Call Mary at 808 651-2045 Mary addresses the needs of each group individually so that healing occurs in both the mass consciousness and in individual healing in a unique way at this most pivotal time in history. She accepts 15 people for each class on a first come, first serve basis. To register see the seminars listed below. You can also call Mary at 808 651-2045 or email her at [email protected] if you have questions or prefer to pay by check or over the phone.

Seminar I is an online class. The other seminars are held in person. Do you wonder how healing work can be taught online? Healing work needs to be experienced. And because of “non-locality”, which means there is no space or time at this experiencial level, healing work can be “transmitted” and experienced even if we are not together. It is the same principle as long distance healing work only you experience it by listening to the recordings provided. These courses were originally taught “live” and were recorded. They are presented to you here “on demand” so that you can listen to them at your convenience and can contact Mary with questions or comments either by phone or email. Level I is the foundational online class for the Foundation for Unity Consciousness. It contains eight individual hour long classes plus several other instructional recordings. Each class has a lecture presentation as well as a channeled meditation during which you receive personal healing. There are also short reading assignments and questions to answer to integrate the work conceptually. I am available on line or on the phone for questions or comments during this series and for personal sessions if desired. Cost is $399. After payment, you will receive a link and a password to access the series. It is “On-Demand”, so you can listen to it at your convenience and as many times as you would like.

Experience A Sample Class

Payments may be made online for debit or credit charges using PayPal on Visa, MasterCard, Discover orAm-Ex or or by check or money order. All transactions are secure and your information will remain confidential.

**To pay by check or money order, call or email for an address to send your payment.

Upcoming Seminars

Seminar I - Online- Stay on the Cutting Edge of the Evolution of Consciousness!


Our consciousness is not static but is constantly evolving. In these highly accelerated times, it can be difficult to keep up! New tools are continually needed to integrate on physical, emotional and conceptual levels. Join Mary Bell R.N.C. for an innovative, live, on-line class where you will learn the latest in conceptual information as well as new healing tools that you will receive through transmission as well as learn to give. This class is for professionals who have experience in some form in the healing arts. You will receive written materials to read for each class as well as reading assignments from a bibliography that will apply to the entire series. You will also have written questions to answer after each seminar about your experiences and the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback during the class, so that it can be an interactive experience. Each class will include a channeled guided meditation that will include a transmission of energy that you will receive and experience as a personal healing, as well as information and new healing skills that you can then incorporate and use with others. These meditations will be available on my website so that you can hear them again as often as you like after the class. You will need Windows Media on your computer in order to participate. **I will also be available for individual private sessions between classes if desired. I have chosen three books for the supplemental reading. They are:

  • The Essential Ken Wilber, an Introductory Reader, by Shambhala Publications
  • The Mayan Calendar by Carl Johan Calleman, and
  • The Biology of Transcendence by Joseph Chilton Pierce.

Never before have I considered teaching a healing class “on line” because I didn’t see a way for you to experience the work as you would in an in- person class. But with new technologies, it is now possible to record the lecture and the guided meditations and provide them through on- demand broadcasting. Since there have been so many changes in recent years, it is not always possible to meet in person. Yet the work with ourselves and with the collective consciousness needs to be done more than ever before! My work has changed immensely in recent years and I find myself ready to teach a new level: healing from the unitive state. These are exciting times!  Payment options are below. Register Go To Class Page for Downloads (Password Required)

Integrating The Shift!

 $350 We are going through a shift in consciousness that is affecting how we feel, how we think, and how we are experiencing time. How can we participate as co-creators in integrating this level of consciousness? We integrate it by working with the physical, emotional, and mental issues that come up for us personally and by working with the mass consciousness. Join Mary Bell, spiritual healer, author, teacher and channel, for this week-end seminar for personal healing and group consciousness work .   Register

Finding Your Place in the New Paradigm! May 3-4th, 2014 Phoenix, AZ

May 3-4, 2014 $350

It’s time to create new structures! Even though it may not seem like it as we look around the world, we have entered a new paradigm! For many there is new work, perhaps a new place to live and a new life task. For healers, there are new frequencies of energy to work with and different ways of working with energy.  How are you intended to contribute your talents in the new paradigm? Join Mary for a week-end seminar where you will be supported in finding your direction,  meet people of like mind, and align with your new life task and integrate these changes that are occurring. You do not have to do healing work to attend. This seminar will be held at Spirit in the Desert in Carefree, Arizona, just north of Scottsdale, Saturday and Sunday from 9am-4pm. Details on meals on lodging will be provided upon registration.  Questions? Call Mary at 808 651-2045 **Spirit in the Desert has been a favorite place of mine to hold seminars for a number of years. The energy is amazing there among the boulders and near a vortex at about a thousand feet of elevation and beyond the hustle and  bustle of the larger city of Phoenix. Its an easy commute from the airport  or from other parts of the city. There’s easy walking to many fine and unique restaurants and shops and a great place to “retreat” for a few days even if you live locally. Lodging is available for $95 per night accommodating one or two people. See Register

Be on the Forefront of the New Paradigm! November 8-9th 2014

Professional Training for Healers Introductory date November 8-9th, 2014.

2014 marks the beginning of new cycle of time. It is a time of re-birth, the entry level of a new paradigm. As such, healing will change in order to adjust to working with this new level of energy. In this next professional training for healing series, Mary will be bringing in new work as it is being channeled to her, helping you to work in a new way. Many of the concepts of healing we have had before will change now, as our consciousness is lifted and we begin to perceive reality, yet again, from a new and different perspective. Join me If you feel called to be a part of this new endeavor!

New energy skills will be transmitted to you during this work through guided meditation and hands-on-healing. There will be six seminars held approximately two months apart. The same people will attend each class which fosters intimacy and community within the group. Each class will begin with a channeled guided mediation followed by process work, lecture and hands-on-healing work. You may learn this work without a hands on approach if you prefer or are not a hands on practitioner. The work can also be done long distance. Mary will teach a specific way of integrating the new energies and ways of working that are coming in this year with the new paradigm beginning. Between classes, you will work with whatever issues have come up from the teaching to integrate the work.

**This Introductory seminar may be taken without committing to the entire series. Cost is $395 which qualifies for the downpayment for the rest of the series. 

Who May Attend?

Anyone with previous background in the healing arts.


A Commitment to all 6 sessions. Monthly personal sessions are required with Mary for integration of the energies being transmitted and issues that may surface.

An application form and interview with Mary in-person or by phone

Payment ** deposit of $395 + six payments of $350 due at each class week-end (includes 1 personal session with Mary) by Check, Cash or Credit Card(Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Amex)

**Call Mary to register at 808.651.2045 or email [email protected]


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