Sirian Energy Healing

Ever since I became aware in early February that the planet Pluto will oppose the fixed star Sirius at 14’17 cancer all this year, “uncovering and deeply activating the very mystical, mysterious energies that Sirius has accumulated throughout history,” I have been in touch with the Sirian energies channeling new work. “Sirius holds incredible spiritual wisdom and of course Sirius gets it’s Higher Frequency from somewhere as well- so it’s not that Sirius is the end all/be all point.”1 But as a part of the whole it holds amazing frequencies of light and can show us how to utilize them.

In the late 80s, I learned about “Walk In’s” from Ruth Montgomery, an author and channel who did automatic writing. Those years were earlier on the spiritual path for me; I was intrigued by what she had to say. She wrote that when a soul was unable to finish a life’s task, was feeling overwhelmed or simply not strong enough to continue, he/she could make an agreement on the inner planes to “walk out” at the soul level and allow another soul to replace her in her body and finish the lifetime for her. I can see now that this concept was based on the idea that a “soul” was a single entity rather than composed of many parts.

Recently, I had another experience and learning while I was working with a client, which I will attribute to the Sirians. This client had a recurrent experience when feelings would come up about being on the earth plane at this time. She had memories of being on a higher plane of reality where there was more light, and more advanced ways of dealing with things. She had a great deal of difficulty being here because of all the pain and suffering, and especially because she no longer had the tools available to her from that level of reality. Things were done so slowly here and people were so “stupid” and “cruel.” She just could not commit to being here and sabotaged many of the efforts made by the client to have a fulfilling life. Now I would like to point out that this client was not pathological; she was very functional and successful in her life. These feelings just came up periodically and resulted in feelings of frustration and despair.

Because I learned Voice Dialogue a number of years ago, I would help her to develop an aware ego to that part of herself, but that was not working. Voice dialogue is a method used to develop an aware ego to two opposite parts within the personality and hold the tension between them by separating out from them. In this latest healing session I learned that it was not working because this was not an personality part; it was a soul part that had come in as a part of the configuration of energies that formed the energy field of my client in this lifetime. It didn’t want to be here and there was no reasoning with it; it wanted to go back. It was not willing or able to transform. Developing an aware ego to it was not helping. And so I was shown how to allow it to “walk out” of this incarnation and allow another part to come in and replace it. This new part was more highly evolved and could work cooperatively with the rest of the energies in my clients field so that she could evolve and fulfill her task of being here at this time. It was not necessary for the entire configuration or “person” of my client to walk out; just this part of her.

We are in a time when our vibration has lifted to a level where we are seeing and understanding reality from a deeper place and will receive guidance from there. We will have many different perceptions now of our reality and the way things ”work” that surpass what we have known in the past _many “ah-ha” moments. It’s not that this is an entirely new concept, because you may have experienced this before. But this is truly a quantum leap in energy into a new reality where “fine tuning” may occur. It is important that we stay open to new teachings, taking the time to be still and to “listen” and then to apply what we have learned. Namaste’  Mary