All sacred ancient cultures have connections to sirius- and many of them will tell stories about how Higher beings came to earth in alien ships and landed here and taught them sacred knowledge and helped earth beings evolve technologically and spiritually. this star is a bridge or a gateway between the mystical and mundane, the sacred and the profane, this world and other worlds. Divine Harmony


There has been an important transit occurring this entire year_ the exact opposition of Pluto to Sirius. Sirius, which is the Spiritual Sun of our sun, carries a high vibration of light. I first became aware of it in the 1990s and have worked with its energies from time to time since, as I have been guided. I recognize its vibration as a vibrant blue light. It transforms and integrates energy much more quickly than other levels of consciousness, clearing traumas, dissolving thoughts and emotions, bringing resolution to deep seated issues with ease and grace.

There is an “ebb and flow” to the evolution of our consciousness so that sometimes our attention gravitates towards seeing the bigger picture at the Unity level, using its transformational tools, and sometimes to a smaller facet of that consciousness_in this case the Sirian energies that are a part of it. While this transit is occurring, we are more closely connected to the Sirian energies, and can access them and receive guidance and instruction about their use.

Sometimes we forget that the higher we go in raising our consciousness, the lower we must go in integrating it! It is a pulsation between the duality of the higher and the lower consciousness that we each carry. This is true both personally and collectively. So whether we are focusing on our own evolution or the evolution of the planet and the universe, Sirius reminds us of this, but it gives us tools to make it easier to transform these lower aspects of consciousness. Becoming conscious involves not only experiencing and becoming aware of higher consciousness, but also experiencing and becoming aware of our own ego defenses, transforming them with love and compassion.

This year Pluto, which rules birth and death has been opposing Sirius; so it can guide us out of ego based perceptions into higher spirit based perceptions of our reality; a common image of pluto is the phoenix rising from the ashes. Its not about having one or the other but integrating both into a unified whole.

Astrologers warn that there may be confusion, delusion and deception of the Truth around this full moon. My own guidance is that there will be two streams of consciousness running at this time; one higher and one lower. The task is to stay consciously connected to the higher stream_the Sirian stream and not to allow yourself to be dragged down into the lower stream, but if you do, to see it for what it is!

Blessings to all on this Full Moon and time of Thanksgiving 🎃 🙏 ~With Love, Mary