What Channel Are You Listening To?

TV has channels, radio stations have channels, and consciousness has channels too! What channel are you listening to? Yesterday in meditation I was reminded that we can consciously choose what “channel” or level of consciousness we are tuned into. In our world now in the physical plane of reality, we are being bombarded with lower frequency energies from blue tooth and wi-fi_energies that include lower vibrational thoughts and thought forms. Have you noticed that? Thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere and ideas beyond anything you might have claimed in the past as your own? Negative thoughts and ideas; preoccupation with what is going on here on the earth plane? To see the bigger picture, we have to reach higher. Choose another frequency! Change channels.

The Wisdom teachings have taught us about spiritual initiation, reaching and integrating higher levels of consciousness. But what if in the new frequencies of energy available to us since the beginning of 2014, we just have to “tune In” to them in order to access and experience this higher consciousness. What if a variety of levels of consciousness are available to us now on the earth plane, because of all of the work done by light workers on the path in the last 25-30 years and probably millennia before that, but now we are on a new path. One where the work has been done to integrate higher vibrational energies on the earth plane and now the task is simply to “tune in” to them. To choose them over the lower vibrational ones being transmitted here at the same time. How do we do that?

For those of you who channel or would like to (no pun intended) is there more information you are intended to retrieve? Could it be as simple as assimilating this information and choosing a higher vibration, a different channel. “I choose a higher frequency of energy; I choose a different ‘channel’. I choose to be aligned with a higher frequency of energy_one that sees this reality from a higher perspective. I lift my consciousness to a higher vibrational channel of information.” Try it! And let me know how it works!