What’s Your Brand?

This will be a powerful week-end with a full moon in Sagittarius opposite the sun in Gemini on Saturday, Mercury turning direct from a retrograde and Mars retrograding into Scorpio both on Sunday, May 22nd.

Sometimes people get caught up in fear when they become aware that there is a group that has been controlling much of what goes on in our monetary and political systems on the earth plane_ “the secret government”, “the illuminati” they are called, but fear is not a helpful response, nor is the notion of “fighting” this group because engaging with this level of consciousness does not work. It just feeds the energy it thrives on_negativity. What works is standing for what you believe in and taking action to promote systems that address the issues and problems within our society that work for all people_win-win solutions_and using our power on the inner planes of reality through prayer, meditation and energy work with positive intent. Staying aligned with our higher consciousness. This is what works and why we are here; to raise the vibration of the earth plane through Love.

This controlling faction is not so much a group of people as it is a group consciousness. It has been created and has taken form from the lower-self creations of people and has existed for a long time. At one point it took on a life of its own. But the good news is it does not have the power it once had. The good intentions of people on the planet has overpowered it, but it is “kicking and screaming” to stay in control. That is why we see so much negativity in the world right now_so many attempts to pit people against each other to restore negativity in the world. So many attempts to draw attention to itself and to name itself_to try to restore its place as controller of the world through re-establishing fear. It’s more visible now, because the light is illuminating it, showing us it is there.

People are waking up! What has been hidden is much more obvious now. Our task is simply to acknowledge its existence and stay on course with our own task_the task of bringing more light into this world and dealing with whatever life presents to us in a positive way. The way of the spiritual warrior! ~ Blessings, Mary

From Rebekah Shaman on the Full Moon!

Sagittarius is symbolized by the archer, who aims their arrow high, as if reaching for the stars, confident they can reach the destination, however far away it is. They know they have the strength and ability to pull the bow, but they must also trust the strength of the bow, the aerodynamic potential of the arrow, and the wind to guide the arrow to the bullseye. The archer is also part horse – a Centaur. Animals operate on instinct alone and the centaur reminds us to be aware of, and act, on both our rational thoughts AND our intuition/instinct. We must trust ourselves and then allow the flow of life to effortlessly take us to our destination.

With the adventurous spirit of Sagittarius fueling us forward, don’t let FEAR (false expectations altering reality) stop you from following your inner guidance, especially if you have a deep knowing to do something and the only thing that is stopping you is the What IF!!
In order to jump off the cliff you have to believe in yourself. There is never any security in jumping, but it is only when you jump that you learn how to fly…and the greatest, biggest regret of the dying is that they did not live their dreams. This moon it is imperative that you trust your own inner guidance system. NO ONE knows better than you what you need to do in your life!

This moon it is imperative that you trust your own inner guidance system. NO ONE knows better than you what you need to do in your life!

Let go of the negative mantras that are holding us hostage to our belief in who we think we are. Spend some time becoming aware and conscious of your negative critic and the negative things you tell yourself about you!

But make sure spontaneity doesn’t become a rash decision based on a feeling of dissatisfaction and you end up doing something you regret.

What’s Your Brand?

I’ve been giving some thought to that question lately and realizing that I need to talk more about my brand and the focus of my healing practice. I work very effectively with a variety of people of all ages in my private practice as a healer, and have for 25 years now, but my true specialty, my “brand” is describing and integrating the shift in consciousness we are experiencing on the earth plane and being the healer’s healer!

Not everyone is interested in metaphysics or esoteric study or in levels of consciousness, but I am and that is my specialty! While we understand some aspects of spirituality from metaphysics and esoteric study, we can’t really “understand” these things without experiencing them.

The collective is going through a shift in consciousness. We have finished the phase of experiencing ourselves as individuated “beings” and now, as we expand, we are becoming aware that we are part of a bigger whole, and that that “whole” cannot exist without each other.

In the upcoming months, I would like to offer more seminars for healers and other health care professionals. If you would like to sponsor a seminar in your area, call me or text me at 808.651.2045. ~ Blessings, Mary