What’s Your Passion?

The New Moon in Leo on August 14th is a personal Moon with a collective message: we each have a role to play in furthering the thrust of conscious evolution, but we play that role in the intricacies of our own individual lives. It’s all too easy to forget that small acts carry great power, especially when our attention is taken up with life’s daily demands. This Moon reminds us that everything we do, each thought, word and intention, matters more than we can possibly imagine. It challenges us to step off the habitual tracks of the mind to break any cycles of negativity, victim-consciousness or just plain old hopelessness that may threaten to keep us stuck in past pain and old fears best released.~ Sarah Varcas

Do you ever wonder where we’re headed as a species? As you look around the world, it can be easy to be bogged down and discouraged by what you see. Is it ever going to change? A decade ago, there was such optimism_such spiritual growth. Now we’re in a different phase; a phase of integration of that higher consciousness, a phase of new beginnings. New beginnings are always somewhat nebulous. It’s one step at a time not knowing exactly where you’re going. That will come later when you’re closer to the end of the cycle when you can see the bigger picture. Lessons can come in surprising ways, perhaps not at all what you expect.

I got a fortune cookie last week that just made me smile as I reflected on its wisdom. “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance.” Isn’t that the truth? The truth of what we’re seeing reflected to us in the outside world, especially in the political arena. It’s the ignorance of the ego who “thinks” it knows the answer, who “thinks” it knows the truth. That’s what gets us in trouble as human beings_leading with our egos rather than the wisdom of our higher selves. It’s happened in other cultures and its happening again now. But we’re more conscious of it now, partly because we have the input of psychology and healing paths, and partly just because we have grown. We’ve been here before; its time to demonstrate what we have learned and make different decisions.

When the ego connects with the soul level and then the spirit level of consciousness, it can function very efficiently in this world because it has more information. It is lead by higher consciousness. When it does the leading, it does not have enough information and often makes very serious mistakes because it is ignorant. Ignorant of the bigger picture or the way that things really work. The way out of this dilemma is learning how to connect consciously to these higher and deeper levels of our Being and remembering to stay connected with the wisdom of this higher guidance through meditation and personal healing. The ego holds distortions of thinking from previous experiences and traumas. These can be identified and released through spiritual healing_ it is the way forward.

What role do you play in the grand scheme of things? What are you passionate about? What is your contribution to make at this point in time that will help move the collective in a positive direction? Keeping connected to higher consciousness is the task; it holds the answers. For months now, astrology has been promising us a new direction, a new beginning, What are you passionate about? What can you contribute to the whole in this next phase of life that excites you? That can make a difference?

Here is more wisdom from another astrologer about the power of this new moon in Leo. We are living in very powerful times. Utilize them to the fullest! Blessings~Mary

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From Kelly Rosano
The Leo New Moon on August 14 is empowering your self-dedication. The Sun, Moon and Venus are coupled in Leo. They are in a positive energy flow with Uranus. This provides you with a fresh start to innovate your life. Change does not have to be hard or difficult. You can make graceful changes. You are encouraged to be a powerful creator. Be unique. Be who-you-really-are. Be creative. Come from your heart. Be love.

The Leo New Moon empowers you to use your creative Self-expression. Live from your heart… You were born for these transitional times. You came to create. You are here to make a difference. You are a player in a grand free will experiment. You are a change agent. You are an emissary of our New Earth. You are remembering the future. We came to forge together. You are a conscious creator. Use this Leo New Moon to take the next step on your life path… Follow your heart. Follow your Bliss. Commit to expressing your Fullest Potential/Power.