2nd Full Moon in Sadge & Summer Solstice

Once every 30+ years, the Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) or Winter Solstice (Southern Hemisphere) and Full Moon fall on the same day. This is a rare and powerful event and should be well honored. The Full Moon is at 4:02 AM Pacific time and brightest the night of the 19th. The Solstice is at 3:34 PM today PST. ~ The Power Path

We’re in the midst of amazing energy shifts right now with a 2nd Full Moon in Sagittarius on the Summer Solstice exact yesterday. All amidst a heat wave here in the West with record temperatures. Divine Harmony describes what is transpiring below and refers to the Ascension process. The process that the earth and the people of the earth are going through is an ascension in consciousness; it is not about leaving the earth but of “downloading” higher consciousness into the earth plane and integrating it! This is what she means by “descension”. We do that as individuals with spiritual study and each time there is a major shift at the collective level it happens automatically and affects us all. That’s why these astrological insights are so important. They give us some explanation and direction as to why certain issues and feelings may be “up” at any given time. As this expansive energy hits our individuated fields, it hits blocks in our physical, emotional or mental bodies. This is where the personal work needs to be done. In addition, there are energy shifts beyond astrology. Our task is to keep integrating this energy. That’s how we and the earth will “ascend” in its consciousness!
~ Blessings, Mary

With the second full moon in sadge illuminating the skies there is a big energy up around personal and collective Truth, which necessarily requires that we also look at personal and collective delusion, deception, illusion and denial.

This full moon is at 29’32 sagittarius- activating the karmic completion degree which occurs at the last degree of every sign. This is also activating the last degree of the spring season as the sun moves into cancer and initiates us into summer with the solstice occurring just under 12 hours later (for those in the southern hemisphere it’s the start of winter). So we have this image of not only chapters completing but perhaps a whole volume of life ending.

The sun/moon opposition straddles the 29th degree of gemini and sadge- showing that major crisis points, completions and endings are occurring in regards to our perception of Truth and our capacity to live aligned by it. If we have been burying our heads in the sand in recent weeks, months or years- this is a reckoning time where we are asked to face reality as it is, not as we wish it could be.

The challenge right now is to have the lower mind be in service to the Higher Mind- as getting stuck in egoic perceptions, thoughts and ideas will not really help us to see the Bigger Picture at play right now. Yet at the same time we do need to LINK both minds otherwise we will be spiritually bypassing the mundane, the shadow and the material world. This is not about ascension and going up and out- it’s about descension and fully coming down and in. The desire to escape is strong right now and yet the path of mastery requires we stay the course, stay embodied and show up to do the work. ~ Divine Harmony

It’s interesting to note that the sun/moon opposition is not the only activation of the karmic completion degree. we also have juno, the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage, at 29 libra.
She is currently retrograde but she stations direct 2 days after the full moon (on june 22nd)- and she has been hovering over the 29th degree of libra since june 7th and will do so until july 7th. the full moon sextiles juno and is actually the most exact aspect the full moon makes- bringing light, illumination, completion or crisis points to relationships, commitments and contractual arrangements in our lives. this can play out in romantic relationships but also in business partnerships, situations where money arrangements are involved and on a deeper inner level it can relate to the commitments we make or need to make to ourselves. ~ Divine Harmony