Energy Medicine

In Private Practice, Mary focuses on finding the root of whatever is presented and healing it across time.

Sometimes physical or emotional symptoms are caused from something deeper; something that is not conscious. Whether the root is a suppressed emotion or trauma from childhood, exposure to a toxic chemical, or a belief pattern carried deeply in the soul, once that root is found, it can be healed. All levels heal simultaneously when you work in this way, shortening the healing time measurably.

Energy medicine can be used for personal healing and growth or for integrating the spiritual changes which are affecting our bodies and our DNA. It can be an important part of dealing with a variety of imbalances including physical illness, emotional upheavals, or spiritual issues. Whether you have a sprained ankle or a more serious disease like cancer or diabetes, or you are dealing with painful emotions or an old issue that keeps resurfacing, energy medicine can help by finding the root of the imbalance and healing the energy field in and around the body.

When the energy field around an injury is repaired, the body can heal more easily. If there are emotions or a faulty belief system beneathe the injury, these also need to be addressed for the physical healing to hold. If you are holding trauma from an earlier time, releasing it can make a huge difference.

Some of Mary’s specialties in Energy Medicine are:

  • Physical traumas or injures like sprained ligaments or broken bones
  • Emotional trauma like intrauterine trauma, birth trauma or sexual abuse
  • Depression and grief support
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Sessions before and after surgery
  • Physical illnesses of all kinds like hormone imbalances, brain chemistry imbalances, , thyroid disease, adrenal stress, diabetes or cancer
  • Personal growth issues
  • Eating disorders
  • Exaggerated emotions so common now as our consciousness is shifting
  • Soul retrieval
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Aligning you with your soul’s purpose
  • Akashic record healing
  • Releasing DNA patterns related to illness
  • Turning on DNA patterns for health
  • Integration of spiritual expansion

Mary also uses Voice Dialogue, when appropriate, to uncover parts of the personality that have been hidden in order to develop an aware ego and create balance and grounding at the personality level. This is part of what is necessary to integrate higher consciousness.

Mary works with you in person if you live locally or long distance if you do not. Distance healing is just as effective as healing done in person and may sometimes be more convenient even if you live locally. She accepts personal checks, cash, or credit cards for sessions done in person. Long Distance sessions can be paid for through Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express payments as a debit or a credit charge.

**Mary offers supervision for other healers

**Feel free to call her for a free consultation about your issue to see if working with her would be helpful.

To schedule an appointment with Mary, Please call 808 651-2045.