Professional Training For Healers

Mary approaches healing work from the perspective of the personal development of the healer. ” It is through the consciousness of the healer”, says Mary, “that the most profound healing work can be accomplished”. Healing work is an ancient art, which must be developed and maintained by our commitment to our own personal healing and integration. Without this commitment, we either get burned out or are not effective with our clients because we are not clear ourselves. Now that the earth is moving into Christ or Unity Consciousness, healing work can be taught much more simply, as we align and integrate this level of consciousness.

This training is designed to provide you with a place to do your own personal healing and to learn skills that will assist you in dealing with your clients with greater stamina and success! You can not give what you have not received! You cannot take someone where you have not been!

Many of the steps that were necessary to learn healing work, even a few years ago, are no longer necessary, as we integrate Unity Consciousness. This is because as you integrate the full spectrum of Divine Love that you are, you are able to resonate with so many levels at once, that healing also occurs on many levels simultaneously. Technique becomes minimal, as you ground and hold this space of energy. This shortens the period of time you may need to work with a client, and gives you more stamina, because each healing is more powerful. You have more satisfaction in your work because people heal in a much more profound way. Working in this way can also be used in settings where touching is not appropriate, and can be integrated into whatever else you do, without learning an entirely new system. Whether you are a massage therapist, nurse, a physician, a social worker a psychotherapist, or a professional healer, you bring the energy of who you are to your work.

Mary’s seminars are designed for experienced healers who have learned other healing modalities and who resonate with Mary’s work.

** She also offers private sessions and supervision for other healers.

I think it’s fair to say that not many of us were prepared for the amount of change we are experiencing in 2020. As a result of the many astrological transits and eclipses of the moon that have occurred so far, the Hara of the entire planet is shifting. You may be feeling this change within your bodies, out of sorts, out of alignment, out of body. Physical ailments may be surfacing
The Hara Line, as taught by Barbara Brennan, is an alignment that is a  quantum level of energy below the auric field. It exists from above your head through your body and down into the center core of the earth. It contains three points and it aligns your personal will with Divine will. It is a level of intentionality. 

As I moved along in my own evolution, I was guided to modify this alignment slightly to include the non-dual_ the Unity level of conscious that we all descend from. When we connect with this highest level, we can then begin to integrate it through our own individual fields of light, transforming blocks there and on the physical, emotional, mental or cellular DNA levels so that we can bring that level into the earth plane. This is our task now to align our own Hara line with the Hara Line of the planet as it is changing. If you do healing work, this alignment will enhance everything you do and make it easier. The following is a  guided Hara mediation that will guide you into Unity through a transmission of healing energy when you listen. Be sure to provide yourself with enough time to integrate after and don’t listen to it when you are driving. ~ Blessings, Mary

Please enjoy theses pre-recorded channeled meditations of Mary’s Work

**Do not listen while driving. Allow time afterward for integration.

Listen – Planetary Hara Mediation

Listen – Aligning Personal Will With Divine Will

Listen – Aligning into Unity Conciousness

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