About My Logo

The logo seen throughout this website is a depiction of one of the thirty-six ancient variations of the Chinese character “fu,” drawn in small seal style, that was developed by [email protected]. It is often translated into English as happiness, good fortune, offering, or blessing. It consists of three parts.

The first set of lines at the top mean above heaven: The Highest of the High or the Celestial. The horizontal curved line in the center and the square below it means “one mouth,” a term often used to designate “one person.” The bottom lines form a square which is split into four quadrants. This symbolizes a plowed field or something that has been cultivated. On the right and left we find arms reaching upward as if to hold something aloft, almost like an offering.

Together the meaning can be translated to: one person cultivates a spiritual concept of the highest level and offers it to others as a blessing. It was introduced to me by Michael Sanders, LMT, and is the perfect symbol for the journey I describe in my book.

Each of us has a life task that is uniquely our own and that only we can achieve. This was mine: to heal this core issue within myself and to offer it as a blessing to others.