Division is the Opposite of Unity

Division is the Opposite of Unity
Just about every year, I forget about the Scorpio energies at this time until I’m in them.Then I remember_ oh yea, death and rebirth! Not the easiest transits for me. We had a powerful Full Moon last week and although I loved what my favorite astrologers had to say about it, I couldn’t seem to write about it myself. Then it became clear what I had to share was an excerpt from my upcoming book The Wisdom Teachings Meet the New Age, Tools for Healing in a New Paradigm. Hope you Enjoy! All Rights are Reserved. ~ Blessings, Mary
“Division is the opposite of Unity. We live in a world where we are constantly being told that we are deeply divided. Is that true or are our thoughts and emotions being controlled by outside forces? Those forces want to divide us because we’re very powerful when we’re united; while we believe that we are divided, we do not see how much we have in common. nor do we work together for the common good.Gender, race, age, or social status don’t divide us. It’s thinking that they do that divides us. We are encouraged to think and feel that way every day from TV, social media, society norms and in multiple ways we may not even be aware of. Division works against us attaining Unity in our consciousness and in our lives.

When I published my first book, I wrote a chapter on mind control, which is something I learned a lot about through the years. When a friend of mine previewed my book, she encouraged me to remove that chapter because she thought it was too controversial a concept and may have sounded like a conspiracy theory. Now, eight years later, It’s more acceptable to speak of mind control because we are much more aware of the ways our consciousness is affected and controlled by outside forces_ electronics to begin with, our computers, our cell phones, our cell phone towers etc. and other ways we are just beginning to learn about. Electromagnetic energy from wireless cell phone towers and digital TVs affects our brains; it interferes with our ability to think and remember and certainly with our ability to connect with higher consciousness. It keeps  us from being present in the world.

Many of us are addicted to our electronic devices; while we are focused on them, our attention is taken away from being grounded and present in the world. We are distracted from being aligned and connected to who we are at the soul and spirit levels of creation_our inner voices of wisdom. Who or what  does this controlling and how does it affect how we think and what we think?

There are probably many answers to that question; specific answers now explained by people who understand these technologies and write about them. We used to speak of being affected by subliminal messages but there are  much more sophisticated tools now. We can explore technically how our beliefs and emotions are being triggered, but perhaps it is more important to understand how the people doing this are being influenced and controlled themselves!

In recent months I have been studying Gnostic Christianity, especially the writings of Tau Malachi and Sophia Gnosticism from Llewellyn Publications. Here I have found answers which I really resonate with and that are not that different from new age explanations but that give clarity to what we see happening in our world and where division, hatred and evil action is coming from. They call it Cosmic Ignorance.

Cosmic Ignorance is another term for Dark Forces, a  collective energy that developed out of our choices made from free will. The Gnostics say that the spiritual and material worlds are completely interwoven and that  everything that occurs in the world is the result of the “Play of Cosmic Forces”, the Divine, the admixed and the Demonic Forces working through us. Cosmic Ignorance, works through people who resonate with that level of consciousness. Until we become enlightened and are aware of this, we are influenced by these unconscious forces, although totally unaware of it.

Clearly, this energy has a hold on many in the world right now; it’s purpose is to keep the acceleration of consciousness that is occurring from happening on the planet. We are all descended from Pure Awareness, and are here for the same reason_ to wake up and become conscious of who we really are; we certainly are more alike than we are different. But this energy works to prevent us from realizing that_it uses division to cause aggression and to encourage hate and fear rather than love and compassion. It encourages violence rather than peace. It divides us rather than unites us.

The good news, though, is that while this energy does not come from God, but developed from free will choices, its root is still from the same one-being consciousness force that we call God or Pure Awareness. So it is not ultimately separate from God, but rather s a gross manifestation of Cosmic Ignorance, the true nature and essence of which is Divine_only its divinity is completely obscured and hidden.”(Living Gnosis p. 96)  It too, will wake up and return to Sacred Unity consciously. In the meantime it creates an opposition, a resistance that is the needed stimulus to any evolutionary process_ something that pressures us to make choices and take actions.

So in these times when we are experiencing a rapid acceleration of our consciousness on the earth plane, it’s all about where we focus our energy, the choices that we make, what we have learned about ourselves and our ego defenses. How are we  healing ourselves and raising our consciousness? And then using that consciousness to help others?  That is our task and why we are here. Let us use this time to balance the opposites within us_ our inclination to hold onto the past and our lower nature and our longing to move into the future embodying our Divine nature. It’s hard work but it’s why we’re here. It’s up to us.”
~ Namaste!

This is an excerpt from Mary’s upcoming book The Wisdom Teachings Meet the New Age, Tools for Healing in a New Paradigm. It is copyright protected.  All Rights are Reserved.