Full Moon in Pisces_Holding the Tension of the Opposites

This Newsletter is dedicated to John McCain who made his transition into Spirit at this Full Moon in Pisces. Full Moons are about letting go; smooth journey, John and thank you for being a model for integrity and for all you have done here on the earth plane! ~ Blessings, Mary
The Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces occurs on Sunday, August 26th at 4:56am PDT/ 7:56am EDT/ 12:56pm GMT.

This Pisces Full Moon is a quiet, calm Full Moon. It’s a time to rest in the arms of the watery womb of life, rocking gently on calm tidal flows. What a relief after the craziness of the summer with its 6 retrograde planets and 3 eclipses. Both Mercury and Mars are resuming their direct motion, so go slowly for a few more weeks until their energies get moving properly.~ Cathy Pagano 

Cathy Pagano at Wisdom of Astrology speaks of integration and stillness in her latest post at this Full Moon in Pisces.  Pisces represents the collective unconsciousness.

“Take this last week of August to relax and gather your energies. With the Sun’s move into Virgo, we can leave behind Leo’s drama and settle down to integrate what we’ve learned about ourselves this year. With all the chaos in the outer world, have we found our silent, still center?”

Our still center_ Our Hara Alignment_ where stillness abides. 

The Collective Consciousness holds all of our collective beliefs and awarenesses. We imprint it every time we do a piece of work, clearing a faulty belief pattern, emotional pattern or past life trauma. Then that resolution  is available for others  who have the same issue and seek healing or integration. This is how the collective consciousness expands and grows.

The collective unconsciousness holds all of our experiences, both personal and collective experiences,  that have not yet become conscious. It is what we uncover when we do our personal work. “Full Moons are the best times to become aware of what’s really going on inside us. Their energy stretches us to accept opposing ideas and desires, and if we can hold the tension of opposites, we discover something new about ourselves and the world.”

Here, Cathy speaks to holding the tension of the opposites. An excellent way to do this within is through a modality called Voice Dialogue. When we become conscious of two opposites within, which are often unconscious, then we can hold the tension between them  and choose how much to listen to each through an aware ego. Sometimes those parts need healing or support too; it’s all a part of integration! When this balance occurs at the ego level, we can then connect higher and more easily  within the hara.
“The ruling planets of this Full Moon, Mercury/Virgo and Jupiter/Pisces, are squaring each other. So in the midst of the calm, we are challenged to speak to the heart of things

“It’s important that we put our creative thoughts into language that engenders original thinking in ourselves and others. otherwise …trite words and phrases, come automatically to mind and carry us along with them, resulting in not really thinking at all. We just get carried away in a collective mind-dump.”

As Robert Wilkinson says:

“Be direct, stay on point, focus on the heart of the matter, and ignore the rationalizations and superficial distractions…