More on the Eclipse!

Each time I send out a Newsletter, I find the best wisdom I can find on the astrology transits occurring, combining them with the guidance I receive and the principles of healing and shift in consciousness work that I have learned and embrace in my own work. This week-end there is more to share on this amazing transit we are in. Because of the accelerated times we are living in, it is even more important than ever to pay attention and to utilize these openings in time where things can be accomplished personally that also move the collective forward. This last set of eclipses, according to Cathy Pagona at Wisdom of Astrology, is a final opportunity for this set of transits, to deal with our issues around Self and Other. How do we work in service to the whole and still get our personal needs met? How do we see the bigger picture and see our place within the whole? Here’s some more wisdom about this weekend’s portal of new moon and solar eclipse in Virgo.~ Blessings, Mary

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