New Moon Eclipse in Pisces_Surrender and Allow the Past to Dissolve!

New Moon Eclipse in Pisces_Surrender and Allow the Past to Dissolve!

Image © 2010 by Kathy Crabbe.
The last of the Virgo/Pisces Eclipses that began in March of 2015 occurs on Sunday February 26th at 6:58am PST when the New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 8’12 pisces is exact. Since early 2015 we have been gifted with lessons and opportunities to bridge the mundane and the sacred, the Material and the Spiritual. See more below from Divine Harmony. 

These are very powerful times; no doubt about it! According to Patricia Liles at the Power Path “We have Sun, Moon, Mercury, South Node, Neptune, Chiron, and Pallas Athena all in Pisces~ that’s a full house! Powerful Neptune, ruler of the chart, connects us to the collective unconscious. Conscious beings (you) are being called to let the old dissolve, forgive those unable to embrace swift change (maybe yourself), surrender to trust in Spirit even if your knuckles are bleeding. Surrender is your ticket into playing the crucial game you signed up for ~ learning to trust Spirit, your intuition, your heart, trust in the goodness of others.
Boundaries and limits are dissolving on every level imaginable under the auspices of Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac before we begin again at the vernal equinox. Pisces’ gift of boundarylessness is our link to intuition, empathy, imagination, poetry, telepathic connection ~ all those powers of the heart that know no limits and are sourced from spirit.

An eclipse at this New Moon puts it all under a magnifying glass so you don’t miss the detail or the perfection of life unfolding. Pisces that most watery of water signs ruled by Neptune, God of the Oceanic World, is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions representing our “self undoing or self sustainment”. The self-undoing is expressed through our addictions, our negative head talk, our anesthetizing our self in so many creative ways, getting lost and confused, forgetting we can never be separate from Spirit. Our self-sustainment comes from the ability of Pisces to open the heart beyond personal love to compassionate love and unity with all, like the vast ocean so many drops, yet a vast living, connected entity.

From Mary
Patricia speaks of the importance of “surrender” in what we are experiencing in the world today and allowing the old to “dissolve”. There is an element of “letting go” eluded to here; letting go and allowing the old to dissolve. The allow mode is the most important tool for healers to learn, in my opinion. I speak of the “ Big Allow” in my first book in the part that was written especially for healers, when we “allow” Spirit to work through us all the time. It is the way of the Divine Feminine to surrender our egos and “allow” Spirit to work through us. Many healing modalities teach us to lead with our heads, determining what we need to “do” in healing work and then “doing it”, but the Divine Feminine teaches us to surrender our egos and what we “think” we should do, and allow Spirit, the non-dual_ that which has no opposite_ to lead and to show us what is needed. It is wiser that our egos will ever be and many times will show us things we never would have thought of on our own. It shows us how to “dissolve” energy rather than remove it; how to allow it to to change from one form to another while we observe.

It is when we surrender our egos to Spirit that we retrieve higher wisdom whether we are healers or not. It is our purpose here on the earth plane, to learn to surrender our egos, connect to higher consciousness and become enlightened! We don’t loose our egos, we allow them to work more efficiently as just connect them higher, first to the individuated Soul level and then to the non-dual Spirit level_that which has no opposite! Then the ego can function as it was meant to as it guided by higher consciousness.

In these highly chaotic and transitional times, It is important for us to use every opportunity to evolve and to grow. May this lunar eclipse move us forward in whatever way is intended easily and gracefully. ~ Blessings, Mary

And from Divine Harmony
“Virgo is focused on reality, discernment and doing one’s inner and outer work- while pisces is focused on surrender, trust, faith and oneness. The journey in the last couple of years has been to find where we overdo one focus as the expense of the other so we can find the middle path. Too much detail oriented (like virgo) and we miss seeing the Bigger Picture (which is pisces). Too much idealism and ungrounded fantasy and we float off the earth (very pisces) and are disconnected from our bodies and being here now (virgo). Looking over the last 2 years and seeing how these lessons played out for you and how you navigate your path of learning and growing through these lessons can be insightful right now.

Solar eclipses are amplified new moons- which typically speak to new directions, seeds planted or new things coming in. But this new moon is on the karmic south node- the point of the past where we get stuck, stay too long, play out karmic patterns and avoid our growth and evolution. With the karmic south node in its last hurrah in pisces (it will shift into aquarius in may 2017) we have our last bit of focus on where we overdo the pisces energy: live in denial, delusion, believe or perpetrate illusions, bury our heads in the sand to avoid the shadow within or without, turn to addictions to numb out, play the victim or the martyr, play out codependent dynamic with others, spiritually by pass, disassociate, try to save everyone else but ourselves and more.This is personal but also collective- looking at the smoke and mirrors going on in the world right now. What is the truth? What is a lie? Where are we being deceived? Where are we deceiving ourselves? Where are we living a lie? This eclipse on the south node brings a new beginning to relating to our own Unconscious.”

We have to BE HERE NOW and see what IS right now- in ourselves, in others, and in the world around us. Only then are we truly empowered to change things and make them into what they can be.~ Divine Harmony