New Moon in Gemini June 16, 2015

I really like what Kelly Rosano has to say about this new moon_upbeat and positive_ and Cathy Pagano gives us a good explanation of what Gemini is all about. Blessings~Mary
From Kelly Rosano:
There is a brilliant Gemini New Moon on June 16. The Sun, Moon and Mars are coupled in Gemini. There are no challenging aspects to this New Moon. Yahoo! In fact, Uranus is in a positive energy flow with both lights (the Sun and the Moon.) Mars is the planet of action and desire. He is in a harmony with both Jupiter and Uranus. Mars is empowering you. He is giving you energy to get up and go. Take charge of your life. Make your life what you want it to be. Do not wait on other people. Get in the driver seat. Go after what you want.

This is your time for new beginnings. New projects. Anything that requires your intelligence and your mental fortitude. Mercury is direct. This is your green light from the universe. You are to start that new website. Be published and network to your heart’s content. Get out and meet with people. Go for your dreams come true. You can make brilliant breakthroughs.

From Cathy Pagano

The Gemini New Moon occurs on Tuesday, June 16th. A new Moon is the time to plant a seed of an intention and in Gemini, it has to do with how we use our minds.

We’ve been told our thoughts create our reality but even more true is that our beliefs create our thoughts and therefore reality. It all begins in the imagination!

The Gemini split is between the immortal and mortal twins, between right-brain imagination and left-brain rationality, between knowledge and information. If you’re too rational, you’ll get stuck in ‘reality’. If you’re too enmeshed in the unconscious world of feelings to articulate what you know, you get stuck in ‘delusion’. The trick is to combine both. We have to learn to articulate what the unconscious is telling us, not stomp on it with demands for facts and figures. We have to learn to say things are ‘this and that’ rather than ‘this or that’. When we can hold the tension of opposites within our minds, we will find the right answers.

Gemini deals with communication, travel, business, news, teaching and learning. Its ruler, Mercury, just resumed its forward motion, so whatever has been cooking in the unconscious wants to come out and play now. How can you communicate better? Who do you do business with? What do you need to learn or teach?