New Moon Solar Eclipse ink Leo_ Being in the World But Not of It!

New Moon Solar Eclipse ink Leo_ Being in the World But Not of It!
This is my favorite image of Leo by Josephine Wall. It depicts not only the strength of Leo, but how we can align with its energy to take action in the world. Strength but gentleness, presence and wisdom of the Divine Masculine!  Tomorrow, on August 11, we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo at 2:58am PDT/ 5:58am EDT/ 10:58am GM.
Here we go again! Another solar eclipse, this one at a New Moon in Leo. I love what Rebekah Shaman has to say about it; she speaks of inner strength.”The Leo moon is represented by the Lion. In tarot, this is the Major Arcana representing strength. This moon gives us the will to carry on regardless of the challenges and obstacles that we are encountering and trust our inner strength and vision. You may find yourself ruminating over past mistakes and situations, while feelings of regret, helplessness, and victimization could become overwhelming. Bring yourself back to the now and concentrate on all the blessings in your life. When we are in the now we automatically feel safer and happier.”

Cathy Pagano at Wisdom of Astrology says this: “In these chaotic and transformational times, our purpose is to be so uniquely ourselves that we do not fall prey to the delusions of the collective mindset. … the powers that be are blind to what people really need. And because people are in fear and confusion, they are easily swayed into actions that would horrify them if they were conscious.”

“The Feminine is the foundation of life – the Masculine is what comes from that foundation. After centuries of patriarchy, this cosmic law of life has been negated and reversed. As Albert Einstein said the servant has become the master. [The ego] It’s time to change that. We do that first within ourselves and then we go out into our society as shining examples of who we all can become.”

This says to me we need to be “in the world but not of the world.” How do we do that in these tumultuous  times? We need to be able to maintain our alignment to the Divine Feminine by our connection to the earth, and our connection to the Divine Masculine through our connection to the Individuation point of the Hara Line. We need to hold the light within us amongst the chaos, not getting caught up in illusion and delusion. It’s a tough order! And yet, its what we have been born to do at this point in time. As we are pulsed by the energies coming into the planet and the collective consciousness, our attention is drawn to faulty belief patterns and emotions that need to be released. They may be personal or transpersonal. This is our work!  We do it for ourselves and we do it for the planet. Then we can stand in the light of who we are and shift the collective consciousness to a higher level without getting caught up in the chaos and illusion.

As Cathy Pagano points out “Masculine energy is generative (to beget or produce) – it is the doing to the feminine’s being. So first we have to know who we are (our beingness) so we can act in accord with it (our doing).”

We know who we are at the ego level; we are identified there. To know who we really are, we have to connect to our Individuated Souls and then to the Spirit level of creation. This is the task_ to be in the world but not of the world by  holding our alignment to the soul and spirit levels of creation as well as our egos in the midst of chaos and illusion~ Blessings, Mary