October Full Moon Musings

“The astrologers have much to say about these powerful transits at the October Full Moon and what they mean. Divine Harmony speaks to Atlantis which has been close to my heart for a very long time. Not a fictional place but a point in time that is recycling now so that we can view it again and make different decisions this time. It is a culture that fell when it was close to transcendence when it got caught up in ego negating its spiritual connection over issues of power. Trickery was used to seduce people into faulty agreements where they unwittingly  gave up their power allowing their DNA to be genetically  manipulated and  lowered . The same thing is happening today but in different ways, It is important that we be able to discern what is happening if we can decide differently this time and learn from our mistakes.

Barbara talked about Atlantis and the recycling that is going on in the early days of the school. I learned more about what happened there when I led a mystery school in the late 90’s These are important lessons for us as healers and as a culture as a whole. Healing does not proceed from our egos and our ability to “do” but from Spirit working through us both at the individuated and the collective levels. It is our ability to make this connection with these spiritual levels that allows healing to occur. It’s when we forget this that we get into ego.. Clearing the distortions in our negative ego is an important part of becoming a healer and it is an ongoing process.” ~ Blessings, Mary