Step Through the Portal!

Today is the Fall Equinox and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is next Sunday September 27th. I am on my way out of town today, with little time to send my usual newsletter. But it’s a powerful time. Step through the portal!
Many of us on the path have been dealing with energy downloads and shifts for many years now; you would think we would be used to it. But this last few weeks has been intense and is promising to continue for a while yet. As energy from the higher realms downloads into the earth and our current dimension, it often hits the blocks in our fields before it can integrate. We are currently experiencing that big time, which is pulsing us to do whatever work necessary to become aware of those blocks and to deal with them; to let go of the past and move on. I haven’t used this terminology in years, but I would describe it as a “portal” which has opened_a major opening that we need to step though in order to move to another space in time, another level of existence. Don’t hesitate_Step through the portal~Blessings, Mary

From Divine Harmony

this time in astrology is really unprecedented. so many things are happening all at the same time- any one of which would be potent on it’s own, but in actuality they are all happening together in the same time frame. the portal is open right now for amazing, exponential growth and karmic clearing. of course we have to choose to walk through the portal- no one is going to push us through it or do the work for us. we have to show up and do the work ourselves. we have to take responsibility for where we are at, where we are stuck and why we have chosen to remain stuck there- and then we have to get our butts into gear and get going. ‘on the road to enlightenment there are many tempting parking spaces’. get out of neutral and get going! -this eclipse really is about making decisions to grow or to stay stuck in the past. –

the total lunar eclipse in aries is exact on sunday september 27th, 2015 at 7:50pm PDT. this marks the midway point of the current lunar and eclipse cycle we are in that began with the partial solar eclipse in virgo on september 12th. we are in the eclipse portal- which is a time of great transformation, change, endings and new beginnings. this high energy frequency is doubled down by several other astrological happenings (mercury retrograde, pluto direct, the north node on the galactic center, saturn having just left 29 scorpio)- all of which are converging into a very high intensity and high transformational period of time on earth- personally and collectively. –