When They Go Low, We Go High! Super Full Moon in Taurus

The Super Full moon at 22’38 Taurus is exact on Monday November 14th, 2016 at 5:52am PST-

I was away when the moon was full on Monday, licking my wounds and still in shock from the election as many of us were. I listened to the pundits on TV and then President Obama telling us we had to accept the results of this election and then I couldn’t help but notice that the same people who put Trump into our consciousness day in and day out for eighteen months were the same ones who now say we have to accept the fascist coup that seems to have occurred. That’s what happened in Germany in the second world war; people went along because they were afraid or because it may have served them in some way. They were not organized and they didn’t stand up for what was right; I think we may be in the same place now. Accept that Medicare may be dismantled, that good people may be deported, that hatred and fear of the other is the order of the day? I don’t think so! Let’s not repeat history; let’s show that we have learned from the past.

There are things we can do. The first is to get and stay involved in what decisions are being made. It’s time that we be involved in our government, not just watch it from afar. Contribute to the ACLU. They will be the most important agency that will be addressing actions committed that are unconstitutional. Share information with your family and friends. Be active, interested and aware of what is going on!

While I was away, a phrase kept coming to my mind. It was something Michelle Obama said and is remembered for and it is something we can utilize spiritually: “When they go low, we go high”. As we watch the appointments that Trump is making it is quite clear that his intention is to “go low.” And so it has never been more important that we use our spiritual tools to connect with higher consciousness_to “go high” and to ground that energy into the world to counter the fear and hate that is being promoted by this new administration. This will be more powerful than anything else we can do. It’s really the materialization of an old issue on this planet_the battle between the light and the dark; the struggle between positive intention and negative intention_between right action and acting out the lower self. Even though we are living in a time when Unity Consciousness_caring about the good of the whole_ is materializing on the planet, it is being reacted to by the actions of the “lower self” which acts out of ignorance and self aggrandizement.

So here are my suggestions:

*Meditate regularly. If you don’t know how, learn to meditate. Send love out into the world. *Learn how to align to the Soul and the Spirit levels of creation. Sit in that energy regularly. *Attend one of my seminars to learn how to do this and to connect with the collective consciousness_how to “hold the light”. And pray every day for direction and help for our country to move though this difficult time. Time is of the Essence! ~ Blessings, Mary

Our astrologers keep telling us to uncover and to heal our shadows. Here are some suggestions from Divine Harmony on how to do that!

“Some questions to ask of ourselves at this super moon lunation…

1) what are my deepest held values and am i truly living aligned with them- both within and without? (and if not what do i need to DO about it?)

2) where do i need to wake up and see myself, others and the world around me more clearly- seeing myself as i am and/or seeing others/the world around as it really truly is in this present moment?

3) what am i holding onto that i need to let go of (emotionally, morally, physically and otherwise)?

4) what shadow needs to brought out into the light- WITH MYSELF FIRST and then in others and the world around me?

5) where is Mother Earth/the environment hurting, calling for not only my attention but also my ACTION?

6) what does it truly mean to be a spiritual being having a human experience and what can i do to honor both- spiritual and physical, sacred and profane- without defaulting to one at the expense of the other?

7) what is being asked to transform and how can i support the personal and collective transformation that is so desperately needed right now?”