A Shift in Our Consciousness_What it’s All About!

Long before it was popular, some twenty five years ago, I was guided to learn and to write about a shift of consciousness occurring on the earth plane. The subject matter has evolved, as we have, and people tend to use different language to describe it now but the subject matter is the same. We are in a time of a rapid acceleration in our consciousness, a shift in our perception of reality from experiencing ourselves only as individuated to recognizing that we”re also part of a whole_one consciousness with many parts. It is not an intellectual endeavor but one that must be experienced. It is in experiencing it that we come to Know this truth. There is a pulsation between us individually and the collective consciousness which comes in stages, as we begin to view reality from a higher perspective. Astrology explains some of how this shift is occurring and how to work with it individually. Here are some of the latest writings from astrologers who understand this phenomenon as this very pivotal 2020 year is coming to aa close. ~ Blessings, Mary